New free-to-play first-person shooter similar to Rainbow Six Siege but made completely for mobile.

Ubisoft has officially announced Rainbow Six Mobile, a first-person shooter competitive game that brings the world of Siege to mobile.

The mobile game is from an independent Ubisoft Montreal team and has been in development for over three years. This announcement comes after earlier reports of Ubisoft working on a mobile game.

What's new in Rainbow Six Siege mobile?

According to the developer team, Rainbow Six Mobile is a tactical and competitive FPS game with two teams of 5 attackers and defenders. The game shares several similarities with Rainbow Six Siege including maps, and operators. Moreover, Six Mobile also comes with destructible environments and other Siege core gameplay. While it shares similarities with Siege, Six Mobile also ensures mobile usability with several in-game additions.

This includes a new gameplay control system designed for mobile, extensive optimization of the user interface as well a new in-game visual presentation.

Pre Alpha image from Rainbow Six Mobile
Pre Alpha image from Rainbow Six Mobile

Furthermore, Rainbow Six Mobile will launch with five attackers and five defenders. Just like in Siege, attackers will try to breach the site held by defenders with both sides using unique skills and gadgets to do so. Rainbow Six defenders include Caveira, Bandit, Smoke, Valkyrie and Mute.

Meanwhile, Ash, Sledge, Twitch, Thermite and Hibana will be the first attackers in-game. Also, Bank and Border are currently the only maps that players can access in Rainbow Six Mobile. Bank is one of the original maps of Siege and it has remained a popular pick in professional play. Border was released in 2016 but only just became a competitive map in Siege. It is also a very destructible and open map.

"We really tried to find the most iconic maps and well-balanced maps"

Justin Swan Creative Director at Ubisoft Montreal

Additionally, there are no details on what modes will be available in Six Mobile yet.

How to get early access for Rainbow Six Siege Mobile?

Although there is no confirmation for a release date, the game will likely be launched in 2022. Moreover, interested fans can start registering for a chance to test the game before it launches. To register, players must go to Ubisoft Six mobile page and choose either the Android or IOS platform. After this new users will have to register for a Ubisoft account. All other information as to early access will be released in the coming weeks.

Ubisoft's announcement of Rainbow Six Mobile expands the ever growing list of big shooter games coming to mobile in 2022. It also raises excitement among FPP enthusiasts in the mobile scene as the game will focus on first-person mode.

Stay tuned to for the latest Rainbow Six Siege news and updates.

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