Ubisoft is reportedly working on Rainbow Six Siege Mobile cover image

Ubisoft is reportedly working on Rainbow Six Siege Mobile

Rainbow Six Siege’s fans can prepare their mobile phones. The New Ubisoft project will come online sooner than you expect.

According to reports, Rainbow Six Siege Mobile is almost ready for launch. Ubisoft is planning to present a new game already in April.

Tom Henderson from Exputer reports, that Ubisoft has worked on a mobile version for Rainbow Six Siege in collaboration with Tencent subsidiary, WeGame. The result of the collaboration will be revealed on April 6th, 2022 with a trailer and media coverage.

It's not the first time rumours about Rainbow Six Siege Mobile have circulated. 5 months ago users leaked Ubisoft Halifax's research among mobile gamers. The survey included time spent playing popular mobile games and specific questions about familiarity with Rainbow Six. Moreover, recently Tencent listed “projects with Ubisoft” during a quarterly earnings report.

For now, there is not much information about release details or gameplay. One source claimed that it's going to be a game that “Siege fans will love”. Probably Rainbow Six Siege Mobile will also follow the example of its predecessors and give access to the game depending on their region.

Rainbow Six Siege Mobile is doomed to success

Ubisoft can be sure that their new project is going to have massive success. Area F2, Rainbow Six clone on mobile hardware made by company Ejoy, already appeared on Google and Apple's app stores and reached its audience.

However, as soon as Ubisoft found out about this project, they aimed its lawyers at developers. Ejoy gave in without a fight, shut down the game, and sent refunds to players. However, rumors stated that Ubisoft not only protected their intellectual property but also made a room for their own mobile version of Rainbow Six.

Area 2, clone of Rainbow Six Siege Mobile
Area 2, clone of Rainbow Six Siege Mobile

According to other leaks from a few days ago, Ubisoft is planning to announce its own games showcase. Rumored, developers have more than 20 games to show for players. And maybe Rainbow Six mobile is going to be one of them. Right now we are working on the confirmation of the reveal date, so follow our site to find out first about details.