R6 Extraction – The unpredictable Siege spinoff. What’s all the fuss about? cover image

R6 Extraction – The unpredictable Siege spinoff. What’s all the fuss about?

R6 Extraction is a brilliant new game mode for Rainbow Six Siege. As a trio defeat a range of foes and level up your fave operator. Here’s an overview of the new game mode.

The trailer released at the end of 2021 gave higher expectations compared to the announcement - but does it live up to the hype? Rainbow Six Extraction (R6 Extraction) is a 3 player PVE campaign game featuring progression and a ranked mode. Furthermore, there are risks of your operator going MIA if teamwork goes AWOL. We give you the highlights of R6 Extraction and the exciting range of gameplay.

Everyone's favourite, Jager, is playable in-game character. We pray no medical emergencies for him this game. (Looking at you, Outbreak)
Everyone's favourite, Jager, is playable in-game character. We pray no medical emergencies for him this game. (Looking at you, Outbreak)

Playable characters in R6 Extraction

Firstly, have your pick of 18 playable characters including Tachanka, Jager, and Sledge. Play solo or as part of a three-person squad. Communication skills are essential to gaining points to achieve upgrades for your character.

All 18 operators available
All 18 operators available

The skin selection R6 Extraction is impressive, and gives the developers a chance to really go wild. Even more so than in Snow Brawl!

Sledge's eye-popping headgear
Sledge's eye-popping headgear
Lion unlockable headgear and skin
Lion unlockable headgear and skin

The R6 Extraction maps

The 12 maps are at least three times bigger than the average map on Rainbow Six Siege. The maps featured include locations in San Francisco, New Mexico, Alaska, and New York.

Hotels, casinos, and research centres are packed full of enemies. These enemies change with each playthrough. Your strategy with your team will need to be constantly adapted -overthrow the enemies and contaminated nests in order to proceed with intel.

One of 12 stunning maps
One of 12 stunning maps

The missions and enemies in R6 Extraction

In R6 extraction you will work your way through the missions, collecting upgrades as you go and defeating the most challenging of the enemies.

Yourself or a teammate may go missing in action during the fast-paced attacking enemies. This results in your team having to re-enter the contamination zone in order to collect them and their upgrades.

The diverse range of 13 enemies have the ability to randomly mutate and aim to throw players off guard. The abilities of the enemies include being able to wall climb and throw projectiles at the players. Perhaps the most interesting of all is The Proteons. These creatures mimic the operators DNA and physical attributes.

A Proteon - one of the 13 types of enemies
A Proteon - one of the 13 types of enemies


Perhaps inspiration from Outbreak, Decontamination seems to be familiar. Contaminated nests must be destroyed and players are required to retrieve the intel in order to proceed with their mission.

Decontamination event likely inspired by Outbreak
Decontamination event likely inspired by Outbreak


Each level results in harder to defeat enemies. In Specimen, players are required to think on their feet to coordinate and capture the enemy in a 'high tech trap'.

The guns and gadgets

Rainbow Six Extraction flaunts 25 gadgets from REACT Tech. In addition, there are 69 customisable weapons to choose from. Here are some highlights of the features that are game-changers when fighting for your life in Extraction!

The glue grenade

The glue grenades will slow down any attacking enemies which allow a player to retreat or gain a positional advantage. But this doesn't last forever so act fast!

React Laser

A faster extraction can be achieved by using react laser. It destroys any 'black sprawl' that may be an obstacle for exiting the map and by eliminating it, results in the player not taking damage from taking a wrong step.

The field wall

Below, the field wall will block any parasite projectile that is thrown in the squad's direction. This gives you a little extra time to take cover or talk tactics with your team!

Progression system and upgrading your character

By proceeding through the levels, weaponry and abilities may be upgraded to your personal choosing. Vigil has the opportunity to not only cloak himself from enemies but your whole team via upgrades. Sledge's hammer can be upgraded to stun enemies.

In addition, new lore can be unlocked in addition to the cosmetics and skills of operators.

R6 Extraction exciting game features

If you are competitive you will be pleased to know that R6 Extraction ranked gameplay is available in addition to this already packed game.

Watch the video below for more information on the New Rainbow Six Extraction game!

Finally, Extraction is available 20th January 2022 on all platforms. Find Extraction on Xbox Game Pass from Day One. R6 Extraction costs $39.99 on PC through the Ubisoft store, with a Deluxe Edition available for $49.99. On the whole, we cannot wait to hear feedback!