New Rainbow Six Siege Christmas collection event Snow Brawl brings new gun skins, uniforms and cards in a 5v5 event.

Commencing Tuesday 14th, Rainbow Six siege launched the new, unseen event ‘Snow Brawl’. A classic 5v5 where players must capture the flag whilst dodging unlimited snowballs from all angles on a snowy, scenic landscape on Chalet.

A festively redesigned chalet for the event 'Snow Brawl'.
A festively redesigned chalet for the event 'Snow Brawl'.

Alongside this new limited time event comes the collection packs. Until January 4th, packs may be accumulated by players by completing weekly challenges.

45 in-game wintery themed items are available. Any one of these packs may include weapon skins, operator cards, charms, or uniforms to customise your favourite characters.

How much do the Snow Brawl packs cost?

To purchase a pack will cost you 300 R6 credits or 12500 renown which is gained from playing your average round of Rainbow Six Siege. Bundles can be obtained for 1680 R6 credits – available in the store. But no fear! In addition, every player that tunes in for the event is rewarded with one complimentary event pack. Merry Christmas!

Operators included in the collection packs

An exciting 5v5 capture-the-flag event, here until January 4th.
An exciting 5v5 capture-the-flag event, here until January 4th.

The bundles

The Snowflake Bundle is a visually enchanting weapon skin featuring many shades of blue and white. This is available throughout the event for 1680 R6 credits in the store. Any operator can use the items featured in this bundle - Time to colour co-ordinate!

The Snowflake Bundle
The Snowflake Bundle

Santa's Little Helper

Firstly, if you missed it the first time last year, Ash's Christmas helper uniform skin has returned! But why stop there? The bundle includes a cheeky bonnet headgear to match her uniform, alongside a R4-C skin and portrait card. You can now flex whilst waiting for your friends in the loading screen!

Thorn Ferality bundle

A definite fan favourite is the Thorn Ferality bundle. The newest operator has a bold look of purple and green with her Feline Enforcer uniform . Above all, her gun has a unique style that has attention to detail with the spiral design that is of ombré colour from a deep purple to white. The Mythical Cat weapon skin is used on her UZK500GI. The bundle includes a cute portrait card that shows off her All Ears headgear as featured in the Ferality bundle.

Castle's polar themed bundle

With his Polar Fangs headgear and retro style uniform, get ready to fling snowballs your opponent's way! Equip Castle's UMP 45 with the green, white and blue weapon skin. Stand out from the rest with that new portrait card acquired!

Frost's Mischief bundle

Canadians doing it best during winter and in style with blue and pink Double Frost Headgear and Snow Sprite uniform. Mischief Maker weapon skin for the 9mm C1and photogenic portrait card. You may stand out against the snow, but at least you look great doing it.

Montagne's minted bundle

Honestly, this one made me laugh BUT he looks fantastic nonetheless. Monty's Little Helper bundle includes the Crushing Canes weapon skin with matching green and red headgear, which is a polar opposite of Ember Rise skins. The candy caned theme also lives on his Le Roc shield.


The frosty colours of Rook's matching uniform, headgear and gun are delightfully cool for the festivities. The Yeti Gaze headgear that is white with blue patches is unique and matches areas on Rook's Clear Imprint uniform. Trade in your black ice for the Rare Sighting MP5 skin to flaunt this full set.

Luminous Osa bundle

Take objectives in style with the Sleigh Guide headgear, Winter Fawn uniform and matching weapon skin for the 556XL. Just as well Osa's shield is transparent so you can flaunt the Luminous Bundle to friends and foes alike.

Vigil's Disobedient bundle

Perhaps inspiration taken from Krampus, Vigil's bright and different bundle gives off troublemaker vibes. He is one to watch, dressed in orange and a small amount of black, he would be hard to miss giving grief to enemies in this uniform. Vigil's Anthropomorphic Headgear and Better Not Cry gun skin may just be my favourite purely for the chaotic nature of this bundle.

Blackbeard's Santa Bliss Bundle

This would not be the first time you've seen this bundle, as it was featured in 2019. The Stocking Sleigh skin for the M17 CQB comes in a package deal. Receive the the Snow Beard headgear, Benevolent Man uniform and also a quirky reindeer charm. Watch as the bright red uniform may make you an easy target anywhere other than Christmas on Kafe.

Buck Nutcracker bundle

Back to the Canadians, the Nutcracker bundle hosts a skin for the C8-SFW, Royal Jaw. The Shell Seal headgear and Figure Soldier uniform is delightful. This Buck has serious style. The detail on this uniform is excellent with the sections of embroidered shapes and the small nutcracker on the left side of his vest.

Watch the trailer here

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