A Yoru rework has been talked about since last year and now a leaker has revealed that it could be coming very soon.

Yoru sounded so impressive — maybe even OP — when the agent was first announced. The ability to teleport seemed like a game changer. Unfortunately, Yoru became one of the most underwhelming agents in all of VALORANT. An upcoming Yoru rework could change that.

As Yoru continued to be overlooked and passed over, Riot Games developers announced in December, 2021 that big changes were incoming. And now, a leaker has revealed that the Yoru rework is coming as early as next month as part of Patch 4.03.

What does the Yoru rework consist of?

Yoru is having his entire kit reworked. Before, Yoru wasn't really as sneaky as intended. Opponents could easily detect if they were getting tricked, making Yoru's abilities essentially useless.

Developers decided to totally rework Fakeout, making it almost unrecognizable. Intead of footprints, developers told fans last year that it would instead be a "carbon copy of Yoru" that moved forward and then exploded when shot by enemy fire.

It's still unclear what the copy will be able to do when it comes to movement and attacking. To differentiate the copy from Phoenix's ultimate, the Fakeout clone will most likely not be able to attack. This would make the ability similar to Mirage's clone ability.

Gatecrash will also be massively different. Its speed will be increased by 20%. Enemies will also have a harder time spotting the tell-tale blue dot since it won't be visible until opponents are a lot closer than previously required. Yoru will also get a fake teleport that can be triggered from a distance. It will sound and look like an actual teleport, making it easier to trick enemies.

Yoru barely sees competitive play in VALORANT Champions Tour

Top level VALORANT players have largely avoided Yoru as well as pro players in the VALORANT Champions Tour. In Episode 2 Act 2, Yoru had a 0% pick rate in Radiant rank. While fun in casual games, Yoru's kit doesn't add anything useful to team compositions looking to climb the ranks. In VALORANT Champions Tour Stage 1, Yoru had a 2% pick rate, the lowest of every agent.

When is the Yoru rework coming in Patch 4.03?

VALORANT fans have calculated that Patch 4.03 is most likely coming out on February 8 or February 9. This coincides with the game's content release schedule thus far. This is about four weeks away but gives Yoru mains something to look forward to after struggling throughout 2022.