Mirage buff: Redditors brainstorm how to make Mirage less awful cover image

Mirage buff: Redditors brainstorm how to make Mirage less awful

Apex Legends fans have noticed that Mirage consistently is considered bottom tier. Players are offering Mirage buff suggestions.

Mirage might be funny as hell, but he hasn't really been impressive game-wise in quite some time. Apex Legends fans have started coming up with ideas to buff Mirage and make him more viable in the current meta.

Look at any tier list. You'll often see Mirage on the bottom. Here is why:

  • Useless passive that doesn't stop enemies from targeting you
  • No real synergy between his abilities
  • Easy to spot decoy
  • Ultimate is silly and enemies know which one is the real Mirage

One Reddit user has decided to make a suggestion to make Mirage more viable. On the Apex Legends subreddit, the gamer suggested that Mirage should be able to cloak himself while self-reviving, making him invisible while the gold knockdown shield allows him to come back to life.

Mirage currently becomes invisible when reviving teammates or using Respawn Beacons. But that's basically it. Some players argued that no legend can currently become invincible or invisible while self-reviving but most agreed that Mirage is the legend that should be able to. Most felt that Mirage needs something to give him a slight buff like other legends have seen recently.

Apex Legends players discuss Mirage buff ideas

For years, Mirage has been seen as a pretty weak legend compared to other strong kits. Players have continued to ask Respawn Entertainment for buffs, even coming up with some concepts themselves. Fans of the character are hoping for a Mirage buff sometime soon.

When it comes to Mirage's passive, which allows him to go invisible while reviving teammates, players suggested that Mirage be able to become invisible during his own self-revives. Others have said he should go invisible when he has 20 health left, meaning he could have the opportunity to turn a game around.

His Decoy ability is seen as the best part of his toolkit. But it's currently still a bit weak. Players suggested that the real Mirage should be able to teleport to where his decoy is. This would give Mirage a lot more mobility and allow him to surprise the enemy.

Mirage's ultimate, however, is the main source of frustration for players. It's basically just his ability but with more clones, making it underwhelming in concept and execution. Players noticed that enemies can easily spot the real Mirage and players don't have many ways to protect themselves after launching the ultimate.

Players suggested that Mirage's clones should act more natural. Some should run towards the enemy, some should even start pretending to shoot at opponents, fake gun sounds and all. This would make it much harder to spot the real Mirage. Others said Mirage should be able to Decoy out of his ultimate or at least attack.

Come on Respawn Entertainment, give Mirage the love he deserves.