From Delhi to Mumbai, the new Indian Valorant Agent will completely change the way you approach the game.

Riot Games has released the Agent Trailer for its newest Agent - Harbor. The YouTube video gives us a glimpse into some of the agent's abilities as well as his demeanour.

"Welcome to the team, Harbor. Hailing from the coast of India, this new Controller Agent commands a mix of tide and torrent to shield allies and pummel opponents. Made in partnership with Lightfarm Studios."

Harbor Agent Trailer

The video starts with a scene from India's capital - Delhi. Harbor, on his motorcycle, is wading through the metropolis' crowded but narrow lanes. They move past cars parked on both sides, hand-carts and vroom past people walking on the road - all while Harbor evades bullets shot at him.

He ultimately decides to take action, releasing a disc-shaped weapon that latches on to the front axis of a chasing motorcycle. Once latched, the device locks the wheel throwing its rider ahead in the Valorant new agent trailer.

But the chase continues with another goon chasing after Harbor. As Harbor crosses a busy main street, he releases a line of water. The video shows him curving the water-line (very similar to how Phoenix can curve his wall). And then he forms a wall of water that prevents the chase.

Valorant Harbor Lore - How did the Indian agent get his abilities?

The story cuts back to the past, where a small group is seen searching an isolated area for something. Quite a distance from the beautiful Mumbai skyline, they enter a cave-like opening in search of a relic. A relic that is mounted on a hand-like structure.

As Harbor approaches the relic, he is swayed off his feet - with water droplets forming at the floor. Before he knows it, the bracelet relic wraps around his wrist.

But then his partner demands the bracelet off him - a bracelet Harbor already knew was very special. The ensuing fight gives Valorant fans an insight into Harbor's abilities. Agent Batra (Harbor's last name) went rogue, taking the bracelet for himself and becoming the target of REALM.

The Valorant New agent trailer ends with Brimstone providing air support and rescuing Harbor. The new agent is a controller and will surely change the meta. The new agent is expected to go live in Valorant very soon.

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