The new controller agent’s release date is not far away.

If looks could kill, there would be many casualties in the Valorant player base. Valorant Agent 21, Harbor, has taken Valorant players with storm, not just by looks but also by his style. Riding a motorcycle, manipulating water and wielding guns, players can’t wait for Harbor to arrive in Valorant. But when exactly does Harbor release in Valorant?

The new Valorant agent from India, Harbor has the ability to manipulate water. With abilities that remind us of a combination of Phoenix and Astra, Harbor is a controller agent. The Mumbai-based agent’s trailer revealed some of his abilities, which include a bubble, a wall, a tidal wave and more. 

Harbor will release in Valorant with Episode 5 Act 3

The current Valorant act is Episode 5 Act 2 and it is soon coming to an end. Valorant agent releases usually take place at the start of a new act and Harbor might not be an exception.

Episode 5 Act 2 of Valorant ends on October 17. And Harbor should go live soon after.

When will Episode 5 Act 3 go live in Valorant?

With Act 2 coming to an end on October 17, there are high chances of Act 3 releasing soon after.The next act will go live mostly on the same day or a few hours later. Harbor will be a part of the new act release. 

Episode 5 Act 3 will bring about a new agent and rank reset. Valorant players can attempt to get a higher rank in the new act. But players will have to deal with Harbor, the new controller agent that will bring about a tide of change in Valorant.

Harbor’s lore shows him exploring a cave-like area with his partner from REALM. REALM seems to be the organization that Harbor works for. They find an artifact and upon closer inspection of the artifact, it attaches itself to Harbor. Harbor quickly realizes its power and uses his water-bending abilities to escape. The trailer ends with Brim arriving as air support and helping Harbor enlist to Valorant.