A hefty sum has once again been raised for charity by the VALORANT community through the 2023 edition of the Give Back bundle.

The VALORANT Give Back bundle for 2023 is the third of the Give Back initiative. This sees Riot Games provide past skins in bundle for charity. All proceeds from accessories and 50% from weapon skins from the bundle go to the Riot Games Social Impact Fund, with this round earning over $4 million.

$4.3 million donated to charity through the 2023 VALORANT Give Back bundle

The VALORANT Give Back bundle for 2023 is no longer available. When it was, you could purchase it to earn exclusive Give Back accessories and obtain some fan-favorite weapon skins. Those were the Recon Spectre, Magepunk Sheriff, Gaia's Vengeance Vandal, and Reaver Guardian.

When all was said and done, over $4.3 million was gathered for the Riot Games Social Impact Fund. A lot of you were probably eager to purchase the bundle, but the amount is actually less than the prior years. It is still a significant donation to the charity, however.

The VALORANT Give Back bundle first arrived in 2021. That year's version collected $5.5 million, leading Riot Games to run the program again in 2022. The second edition of the bundle then raised an additional $4.5 million.

Over three years, the various VALORANT Give Back bundles have totaled over $14 million for the Riot Games Social Impact Fund. Those kind of numbers will certainly see the initiative continue in future years as players look to add skins to their collection they may have previously missed.

What is the Riot Games Social Impact Fund?

(Image via Riot Games)
(Image via Riot Games)

The Riot Games Social Impact Fund was created in 2019. In partnership with ImpactAssets, the fund is Riot Games' way of contributing to social impact issues on a global level. It prioritizes Education, Opportunity, Citizenship, and Sustainability, giving Riot a more scalable way to make greater change globally. 

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