North America’s top teams are set to battle for $25k in the VALORANT Elite Showdown. Open Qualifiers are also available if you fancy yourself.

Community Games and Riot Games have joined together to run the VALORANT Elite Showdown. The main event will run from November 11th-14th will consist of 64 teams and a $25,000 prize pool. As part of the event there will also be Open Qualifiers hosted on Community Gaming.

VALORANT Elite Showdown will have top North American teams

The tournament will be directly inviting some of North America’s top teams to the main event. NRG, Immortals, T1, Andbox and Complexity are just some of the teams included. 27 more of the region’s best will also be directly invited.

Confirmed participants for the Main Event:

  • AndBox
  • T1
  • Immortals
  • Complexity
  • NRG

The aforementioned teams will of course be the favorites to win in all. However, a lot can happen with 64 teams in the mix. Fans will need to be on the lookout for major upsets at the event, as the teams will be chasing $10,000 for first place in the VALORANT Elite Showdown.

Open qualifiers provide a huge opportunity for aspiring pros

While the main event is set to begin on November 11th, there will be an open qualifiers a week prior. From November 5th-7th, a 128-team tournament will be held. The top 32 to make it out of the qualifiers will then join the other 32-invitees to compete in the main event.

Similar to the World Series of Warzone, the VALORANT Elite Showdown qualifiers will have top amateur players vying for a shot at stardom. It provides 128 teams and 640 players an opportunity to compete against the very best in VALORANT. It also gives players a platform to get their names on the radar of other teams, potentially progressing their career in the game. 

VALORANT Elite Showdown Key dates:

November 5th-7th: Open Qualifiers
November 11th-14th: Main Event

Open Qualifier sign-up link

The $25,000 tournament will begin with the open qualifiers on November 5th-7th. The main event will then be held from the 11th-14th with the final 64 teams. With $10k on the line for first place, fans watching the VALORANT Elite Showdown will most certainly be in for a thrilling event in just a few weeks.