Call of Duty announces the World Series of Warzone that includes a $300,000 prize pool, the largest the game mode has ever seen.

Call of Duty has officially announced “World Series of Warzone”. It will be a series of tournaments in which the world’s top players will compete for a grand total of $300,000. 

Community players have a chance to shine

The World Series of Warzone will include tournaments for both duos and trios. Also, it will be on a semi invitational basis. This means that while the top professional players will receive invites, the community will also have a chance to make these major tournaments. 

While spots are limited, there will be qualifiers before each event. As a result, practically anyone (within eligibility guidelines) can sign up and compete. The top teams from the qualifiers will be invited to the main event with $200,000 up for grabs.

This is a tremendous opportunity for typically unknown competitive Warzone players to try and make a name for themselves. Also, this could bring some competitiveness to the casual Warzone player. The first qualifiers begin Monday, May 24, in the North American region.

World Series of Warzone also has a unique twist  

Running simultaneously with the aforementioned event, will be the Captain’s Cup. Five captains will be selected based on their association with CDL franchises. These captains will then select their teams in a draft format totaling out to 30 players per team. 

This will lead to some very interesting teams, with a variety of different skill sets between them. The five teams competing in the World Series of Warzone will play for a 100,000 prize pool. Also, the winning captain will receive $20,000, with his players each receiving $1,000 for their contributions.

The first World Series of Warzone event will be held in just over a month, on June 23rd. Warzone’s top players are going to be showcased, as well as community players getting a chance to compete alongside them. The entire break down of the World Series of Warzone can be found here

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