The VALORANT Daydreams Bundle has been leaked and showcases skins on some of the game’s most popular weapons.

VALORANT players are able to get their hands on the Daydreams Bundle. It features a set of skins with immaculate vibes. You'll find palm trees, roller-skates, cool cars, and more slapped onto the purple and yellow weapons with this bundle.

VALORANT Daydreams Bundle weapon skins

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The bundle comes with four weapon skins, a melee variant, and an accessory for you to get your hands on. They are as follows:

  • Daydreams Classic
  • Daydreams Judge
  • Daydreams Phantom
  • Daydreams Operator
  • Daydreams Crowbar
  • x2 Daydreams Buddy

With the tier of this bundle, noted by its price point, there are no effects with the weapon skins. That shouldn't take away from the energy they bring, though. This is a vibrant skin set that will make your guns stand out.

What is the bundle price?

The VALORANT Daydreams Bundle is not as pricey as many believed it would be. You can get everything included for 3,500 VALORANT Points. Of course, everything is available individually if you want to purchase only a couple, or even just one item.

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If you want to buy an item on its own, that's no problem. The Classic, Judge, Phantom, and Operator all cost 875 VP a piece. The Crowbar is the most costly item at 1,750 VP. Then there is the Gun Buddy set at 475 VP.

When does the VALORANT Daydreams Bundle release?

VALORANT Champions 2023 and its coinciding store bundle are still in the shop at the time of writing, but Daydreams has slotted in next to it. It released on August 16 and has a timer that lasts until August 29.

You are able to swap between both bundles to see the remaining time left on either. If good vibes are your thing, then you've got plenty of time to pick up the VALORANT Daydreams Bundle before it exits the store.

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