VALORANT Data Portal to provide first-of-its-kind service to esports teams cover image

VALORANT Data Portal to provide first-of-its-kind service to esports teams

Riot Games, along with GRID, have introduced the VALORANT Data Portal, initially for its 30 partnered teams in the VCT.

Riot Games entered a partnership with GRID at the start of 2022 that focuses on commercial distribution of official esports data assets. Now, the company is ready to reveal an expansion to that partnership. They have created the VALORANT Data Portal (VDP). This is an automated platform for teams to get data from official matches and scrims.

VALORANT Data Portal is the official home for all VALORANT in-game data

(Image via GRID / Riot Games)
(Image via GRID / Riot Games)

Riot Games and GRID have created the VALORANT Data Portal to provide data that was not previously available. This is part of Riot's effort to take VALORANT esports to the greatest of heights. The automated system allows teams to search, query, and filter data for official match analysis, talent evaluation, scrim reviews, and more.

"We are excited to be working with GRID on crafting the future of esports data for the VALORANT Champions Tour. GRID as a partner is highly aligned with our goals around data accessibility and Riot’s core values. The VALORANT Data Portal is the first step in our shared vision for how we make official VALORANT data more broadly available, starting with our professional teams. "

- John Knauss, Lead of Competitive Data Programs for Esports at Riot Games

The VDP is available to the 30 teams partnered with the VALORANT Champions Tour. Riot Games intends on releasing more information about VDP access for other sectors of the VALORANT esports community at a later time.

What is GRID?

GRID is a B2B company that serves its partners with data infrastructure and management. The company is partners with many names in esports and video game development. In addition to Riot Games and VALORANT, GRID has a relationship with PGL, PUBG Studios, GosuGamers, and several others.

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