VALORANT players can expect changes to multiple Agents’ smokes, which drew the ire of some and a thumbs up from others.

VALORANT is a constantly evolving game. Riot Games releases regular patches to fix bugs, improve quality of life, and balance things out. According to the Public Beta Environment, the next big update to VALORANT includes changes to some smokes.

Smokes from certain Controller characters will now deliver an audio and visual cue before they dissipate. The Astra, Brimstone, and Omen smokes will let players know with a new particle effect approximately 1.5 seconds before they run out.

Reactions to the VALORANT smoke changes

ValorLeaks, a prominent figure in the community, shared a look at the in-game smoke changes. It shows all three Agents that will receive the change and how their smokes appear now when they are near their end.

Naturally, the always vocal VALORANT community chimed in with their thoughts. Some Controller players who have learned smoke timings feel it negates all of the work they put in. More casual players are thankful for the new effects.

Žygimantas "nukkye" Chmieliauskas, a Giants player in EMEA, is certainly not a fan:

The same can be said about Hector "FrosT" Rosario, a former 100 Thieves coach:

More coaches chimed in with an opposite outlook on the new VALORANT smoke changes. Erik "d00mbr0s" Sandgren of Natus Vincere is one who approves of the update:

On the positive side also comes Josh "JoshRT" Lee. The coach of The Guard through Ascension, who is now in VCT Americas with the majority of his roster on G2 Esports, had plenty to say about the smoke changes and those complaining about them:

Of course, this is just the first look at the new smoke effects. Everyone has an immediate opinion on the matter, but until it is truly tested in-game and in competitive matches, any outrage can be labeled as simply unfounded.

Comments from a VALORANT Game Designer

After the initial wave of responses from the PBE smoke changes, Ryan Cousart gave his thoughts on the matter. Ryan is a game designer with Riot Games, focusing on VALORANT Agent creation and balance. He said the following on X:

He doesn't dive into the how or why these smoke changes are being made in VALORANT. Instead, he discusses the internal thoughts of Riot Games after several rounds of testing. Hopefully the community shares his sentiments on the matter when the changes are live.

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