The VALORANT 7.07 patch notes reverse a recent change made by Riot Games and deliver a handful of bug fixes.

The VALORANT 7.07 patch notes are here. We're in the middle of Episode 7 and the team at Riot Games is still doing everything they can to improve their first-person shooter. This includes your typical Agent adjustments and reverting a change they made with the last patch.

VALORANT 7.07 patch notes highlights

As always, you can read the patch notes in their entirety on the official VALORANT website. We've got the most impactful parts of the VALORANT 7.07 patch notes for you below:

Competitive update

Riot made it so Ascendant ranked players could only invite Platinum ranked or higher players to their parties. This was to prevent rank boosting. They have gone back on that decision, as stated in the VALORANT 7.07 patch notes.

Their reasoning is community feedback. Riot Games wants players to have flexibility with their 5 stacks. They still intend on targeting rank boosting as it is a danger to competitive integrity. It will just require some more work.

Map update

  • Updated the destruction VFX for destructible door panels located at Garage on Haven in order to make it easier to see through as it falls away

Agent fixes

  • Cypher's Neural Theft now completes even if he dies after casting
  • Fixed an issue where you could remain blinded if spectating a flash through Cypher’s Spycam (E) as the round ended
  • Gekko's enemy detection range for Dizzy is now correctly reduced while inside of Viper’s Pit

Premier fixes

  • Fixed an issue where the Attacker team takes priority over the Defender team in the Overtime vote
  • Fixed a bug where a second timer bar would appear after the Choose Side vote had already ended
  • Fixed a bug where certain scenarios would cause subsequent Overtime Priority votes to occur in the following round

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