The typical handful of bug fixes and a major change to competitive party invites arrives with the VALORANT 7.06 patch notes.

The VALORANT 7.06 patch notes are live. As always, you can read them in their entirety on the official VALORANT website. We've got the highlights here. And while you shouldn't consider the update lackluster, it is definitely one of the smaller and less impactful patches for the first-person shooter.

A single Agent update

  • Updated Sage's voice lines and added more lines interacting with other Agents

That's all for any Agent updates in the VALORANT 7.06 patch notes. You'll hear Sage chatting it up in-game, whether by herself or with the other Agents on your team.

VALORANT 7.06 patch notes' competitive changes

(Image via Riot Games)
(Image via Riot Games)
  • Ascendant rank players can now only invite players of Platinum rank or higher to their competitive party

Riot Games said they have identified a plethora of instances where bots and real players alike are boosting others in the competitive queues. The invite restriction above is to try and prevent that rank boosting from happening.

Gameplay systems updates

  • Back end updates for Combat Reports to fix instances where incorrect information showed

For this one, Riot Games requests a bit of help. They want us all to reach out with reports of anything weird happening after death and before a round starts with the in-game Combat Reports.

Bug fixes in the VALORANT 7.06 patch notes

  • You should no longer be unintentionally revealed in places you shouldn't be seen after a weapon purchase
  • Minimal HUD observers should no longer have issues seeing the Spike plant and defuse UI bar
  • Vision cones should no longer flicker at the start of a round on the map Sunset

There's nothing too major in terms of bugs in the VALORANT 7.06 patch notes. Players can still find themselves bothered by these bugs, though, so it's good that Riot Games is discovering them and getting them taken care of.

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