VALORANT Champions is in the rearview, and you can look back at some of the stats that prove who were among the best.

VALORANT Champions 2023 set the precedent for esports production. The tournament was a spectacle, with Evil Geniuses coming out on top. And now that the dust has settled, VALORANT has provided a look at some Champions-worthy stats.

VALORANT Champions stats show most-picked Agents, most headshots, and most clutches

(Image via Riot Games)
(Image via Riot Games)

There are plenty of resources available to get your VALORANT Champions stats. Directly from the game itself isn't a bad choice. The game's official X account has provided a handful of statistics that show domination from the likes of EG, LOUD, and EDG during their lengthier tournament runs.

Most-picked Agents

The recently introduced Deadlock was the only Agent players did not pick during VALORANT Champions 2023. Everyone else made an appearance, but a few were the backbone of their team's compositions as they battled through the event in Los Angeles:

  1. Killjoy (12.5%)
  2. Skye (11.1%)
  3. Raze (11.0%)

Most headshots

Consistently landing headshots in VALORANT requires crisp aim, and the stats show who has just that. The top three are widely considered some of the best players in the entire world, and of course, the very top spot goes to the breakout star of the year who helped his team win the whole thing:

  1. EG Demon1 (336)
  2. LOUD Less (325)
  3. LOUD cauanzin (311)

Most clutches

Some will tell you that clutching in esports is an artform. And they'd be right. In a scenario where they are outnumbered, these three players stayed calm, cool, and collect to overcome the odds and still win the round for their squad. In fact, they've been known to thrive in these situations:

  1. EG C0M (8)
  2. EDG Chichoo (5)
  3. EDG Haodong (5)

With more play time in VALORANT Champions comes more opportunity to build upon certain stats. Needless to say, these players made the most of those opportunities and shined even brighter when the spotlight was on them.

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