Sales of the Valorant Champions skin bundle have netted teams more than $7.5 million so far. The sales end December 13.

Riot has announced that sales of the Champions skin bundle have already raised $7.5 million for teams playing in Valorant Champions. That’s at least (keeping in mind skin sales aren’t done yet) $468,750 per team. It’s unclear at present if this is divided evenly among teams, but the going assumption is that it is.

The Champions bundle costs 6264 VP, or roughly $70. Below you can see how much it costs to buy various amounts of VP with bonuses.

VPCostBonus VPTotal
475 $4.990475
1,900 $19.99150 2,050 

The Champions skin bundle includes a Vandal skin, karambit melee, and a few other bonuses for purchasing the bundle. Both skins have a black, gold, and red color scheme. The Vandal features the Champions logo on the side. Both weapons are upgradable with the Champions Aura, which adds a special glowing effect. The effect only activates when you are leading your team in frags.

The Vandal’s muzzle flash can also be upgraded to look like the Champions logo, and inspecting the gun causes the Champions anthem to play. The bundle also has a finisher featuring that same anthem, with a golden logo that appears over the body – which players can then trigger further with a giant Brimstone appearing above the map in a red sky. has reached out to Riot Games to see if we can learn how this money is split. Namely, if it’s between the 16 teams participating equally, or if there’s a tiered system based on placement.

Champions moves into its Playoff rounds today, the bracket for which you can check out here.

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