A number of details about the upcoming VALORANT Champions event have been revealed, including groups, opening matches, and a full schedule.

In a string of announcements today, the format and groups for the first-ever VALORANT Champions have been revealed.

Champions kicks off on December 1st, with 16 teams fighting for the right to be the 2021 VALORANT World Champion.


A group draw was recorded that aired today, first being put up on Brazilian channels, then out to the rest of the world. The groups are as follows:

  • Group A: Acend, Envy, X10 Esports, Vivo Keyd
  • Group B: Sentinels, KRÜ Esports, Team Liquid, FURIA
  • Group C: Gambit Esports, Team Vikings, Team Secret, Crazy Raccoon
  • Group D: Vision Strikers, Fnatic, FULL SENSE, Cloud9 Blue
Image via Riot Games.

Some of these groups look incredibly exciting. Acend-Envy and Sentinels-Liquid will be very hyped group stage games. Meanwhile, Group D looks tough as well – can Fnatic make it out against FULL SENSE and Cloud9 Blue, who come into this event as the hottest teams in the world? Lastly, Masters Berlin champions Gambit get probably the easiest group. Japanese fans will be very happy, as Crazy Raccoon has a legitimate shot of making it out here.

As far as opening matches go, Fnatic-Cloud9, Acend-Vivo Keyd, Vikings-Crazy Raccoon, and Vision Strikers-FULL SENSE should all deliver close results.

The format for VALORANT Champions

The format is the exact same as VALORANT Masters Berlin. The groups will be double-elimination brackets, with teams that progress randomly seeded into an 8-team single-elimination playoff. The only restriction is that teams from the same group must be on opposite sides of the bracket.

A full schedule has been put out:

The tournament kicks off with some stacked Group D games. The schedule is quite full all the way until finals, taking place on Sunday the 12th.

Champions begins on December 1st. Stay tuned to Esports.gg for the latest VALORANT news and updates, as well as full coverage of VALORANT Champions.


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