Sick of instalocking? Luckily cascade picking is allegedly on its way, which will eliminate one-tricks from instalocking agents.

VALORANT players sick of agent instalocking will be excited to hear a recent leak that will change up how rosters are selected.

A recent leak from prominent dataminer Rumblemike points to the possibility of cascade picking. Developers have most likely heard the ongoing outcries from the VALORANT community that instalocking is becoming a big problem, with roster selection a stressful dash to grab certain agents.

What is cascade picking in VALORANT?

It appears that VALORANT developers may have taken inspiration from fellow Riot Games title League of Legends. This popular MOBA implements cascade picking already, which means players select their champions one by one. This way, players don't rush for champions and take turns instead.

In VALORANT, cascade picking will allegedly give each player 15 to 20 seconds to make their selection. According to Rumblemike, players who don't pick an agent in time will have the opportunity to select an agent later in the cycle. This is different from League of Legends, where players who don't pick a champion are kicked from the lobby.

The goal of cascade picking is to remove instalocking, which has players rapidly rushing for the agent they main. The possible update has seen mixed community reactions. Some players have expressed that they would rather teammates play their best agent rather than be forced to play another. Players who can no longer be their main could just throw the game out of frustration.

But others noted that players may select their preferred role before roster selection, which is done in League of Legends. This would ensure that players are an agent with their preferred playstyle, whether it's a Sentinel or Duelist.

When will VALORANT get cascade picking?

So far, it's unclear when this possible update will go live in VALORANT. It's safe to say that some players are anxiously anticipating this change while others are dreading the possibility of not being able to instalock Jett.

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