A portion of the trailer for VALORANT’s new map, Abyss, has leaked just before Riot was set to officially reveal it.

UPDATE: Riot Games releases full trailer for VALORANT's Abyss map after leak

You may read on to see our original post regarding the leak of VALORANT's Abyss trailer. But for now, right at the top here, we'll touch on the full official reveal. As Riot Games has shared the real thing following the leaks occurring.

Where we ended things below continues with Clove, Iso, and Omen moving through Abyss. They use their abilities to take out the Hourglass operatives, moving through a library, an interior station, and a courtyard respectively.

They regroup and faceoff against more Hourglass baddies, making some quips before it zooms out to show an overlook of the full Abyss map. A stray bullet then hits a structure off of the main map, where it focuses on an arm moving. Could this be an alternate Omen or a tease for a new Agent?

We don't know for certain, but what we do know is that the VALORANT Masters Shanghai Showmatch will give us our first look at the match in action. Tune in to see creators play a few rounds on the map before the event's Grand Final.

VALORANT Abyss map trailer leaks, leading Riot to release it themselves

Leakers have indicated the name of the new VALORANT map is Abyss. Well, before the VALORANT Masters Shanghai Showmatch can reveal Abyss, a leak has come out with a portion of the map's trailer. X user @Marpkat_ shared the leak, stating VALORANT Thailand leaked it first.

Then, of course, the dozens of clout-chasing leak accounts shared it to their X pages to once again rob the VALORANT team of the pleasure of being the one's to show off their work.

Since it is our job to bring you the VALORANT news, whether we approve of leaking or not, let's go over everything we know before we reach the official reveal.

A look at the leaked VALORANT Abyss map trailer

The leaked trailer for VALORANT's latest map, Abyss, shows the name of the map at the start, along with coordinates of its location.

From there, we move onto Omen looking for answers at the location. Clove and Iso then appear, taking out some enemies. They make their way through Abyss, with Clove remarking that they were waiting for them.

Iso then notes that they're holding something powerful there, followed by Omen saying that locking down and securing the location will provide them some real answers for once. That's where the leaked trailer for Abyss ends, as VALORANT leakers indicate it is not the full reveal.

We do not see too much of the map itself, but it has the makings of your typical VALORANT map. There's high ground, inside locations, outside locations, boxes for cover, and stairs to ascend and descend. We'll need to wait for the full reveal to see the map in its entirety.

Teasers shared leading up to the map's reveal

(Image via Riot Games)
(Image via Riot Games)

With the leak of Abyss coming out just hours before the final day of VCT Masters Shanghai, we already have some information about the map shared from VALORANT directly.

They've posted teasers over the last couple of weeks and days, preparing us for the arrival of Abyss. If you look close enough, the images teased by VALORANT can be made out in the leaked trailer.

You can see designs on a wall, an interior/underground holding area where the name Abyss may originate, and then more architecture. Still, leaks outside of the name and the trailer have been few and far between for VALORANT's Abyss.

There are many speculating it may be like Nuke from Counter-Strike, where one bomb sites sit at the top of the map, and another is located below it. Who knows? When the VCT Masters Shanghai Showmatch gives us our first official look at Abyss, we'll cover it and you'll have all the details.

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