VALORANT 7.02 patch notes: Esports hub and plenty of bug fixes cover image

VALORANT 7.02 patch notes: Esports hub and plenty of bug fixes

The VALORANT 7.02 patch notes discuss the arrival of the Esports Hub and a handful of bug fixes within the game.

Episode 7 is moving right along with its second update. In the VALORANT 7.02 patch notes, the main focus is the brand-new Esports Hub. Aside from that, you'll find some player behavior tweaks and a slew of bug fixes to ensure VALORANT runs smoothly.

You can view everything on the official VALORANT website and we'll have the highlights below.

Introducing the new in-game Esports Hub

After a long period of rumors, leaks, and speculation, an in-game Esports Hub is coming to VALORANT. The 7.02 patch notes indicate it will be loaded into the game with the update, but it will not actually become available until August 2.

The Esports Hub allows you to check up on competitive action, and it comes at the perfect time with VALORANT Champions 2023 on the horizon. You can see schedules, live match scores, and view all of the teams participating directly in-game.

VALORANT 7.02 patch notes: Important bug fixes in the update

(Image via Riot Games)
(Image via Riot Games)

There are quite a few bug fixes in the VALORANT 7.02 patch notes. From general fixes to Agent specific ones, here are what we deem the most important of the update:

  • Fixed an issue where the Spray Wheel was not appearing in Team Deathmatch and Escalation during Warmups
  • Fixed a bug where the Spike Defuse animation would stop and start while standing on the edge of a Site
  • Fixed a bug where Omen’s From The Shadows and Shrouded Step abilities were not properly canceled if hit by KAY/O’s ZERO/point or Deadlock’s Annihilation during the windup before teleporting
  • Fixed Deadlock’s Sonic Sensor not triggering when Wingman started defusing the Spike in its detection area under some circumstances
  • Fixed a bug where going through the B side teleporter on Bind as a controlled ability, such as Sova’s Owl Drone, will cut off the teleport audio sound
  • Fixed the Premier Weekly Match reset timer not displaying days left until reset

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