An in-game VALORANT esports hub is on its way, as confirmed by the first-person shooter’s Global Head of Esports.

Competitive VALORANT has seen continuous growth since its inception. From online-only starter tournaments to prominent organizations competing across three international leagues, the game reaches new heights of popularity with each event. It only makes sense for there to be a VALORANT esports hub.

After leaks shared by prominent leaker ValorLeaks, fans of the first-person shooter have had high hopes. Well, those leaks and rumors has been confirmed true by VALORANT's Global Head of Esports Leo Faria. And it is coming sooner than you think.

An in-game VALORANT esports hub is coming soon

VALORANT esports has taken the gaming world by storm (Image via Riot Games)
VALORANT esports has taken the gaming world by storm (Image via Riot Games)

The current ways to check up on VALORANT esports are through the website or by following the Twitter. If Riot Games wants to see success, like that of Counter-Strike: Global Offensive, and the upcoming Counter-Strike 2, then an in-game hub for its competitive scene is another great step in the right direction.

CS:GO has a section dedicated to its esports, accessed from a tab right on the main screen. You can view different Majors, see your own competitive matches, check live scores, and take a look at the schedule for upcoming and ongoing events.

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An in-game VALORANT esports hub is confirmed, delivering that and then some. This area of the game will show you current standings, schedules, and everything else you need to know. And per Leo Faria, it is coming next week, from a tweet made on July 27.

VALORANT Champions 2023, the biggest tournament of the year, begins on August 6. The VALORANT esports hub is on its way just before it kicks off. It is perfect timing, and should things run smoothly, will boost the viewership of Champions as casual fans will be notified of its occurrence directly through the game.

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