The addition of the Spray Wheel is the main focus of the VALORANT 6.10 patch notes, but there are other updates and fixes included.

The VALORANT 6.10 patch notes are live. If you didn't hear about a 6.09 update, that's because their technically wasn't one. It was an internal engine update that did not require you to update your game. You'll have to do so this time around, though, as 6.10 is here with an exciting new feature.

As always, there are plenty of bug fixes and Agent updates to sift through in the patch notes. The big news comes in the form of the Spray Wheel. It was leaked, rumored, teased, and talked about for quite some time and it is finally available.

Highlights of the VALORANT 6.10 patch notes

The VALORANT 6.10 patch notes aren't the lengthiest we've seen, but it is definitely packed with a lot of updates to the first-person shooter. You can read the full notes on the official VALORANT website. We'll just go over the highlights here.

Spray Wheel added to the game

Here is everything you need to know from the patch notes regarding the new Spray Wheel:

  • Spray Wheel added in-game - activate it by holding your Spray keybind
  • Quick Spray function remains with a tap of the Spray keybind - uses Spray at top of wheel
  • New equip flow for Spray Wheel added to Collections page
  • Spray Carousel replaced with Grid - search, filter, and sort by Favorites
  • Spray settings added to Equipment portion of Controls - includes sensitivity, removal option, and keybind separation
  • Visible timer and audio queues indicate cooldowns on the Spray Wheel

A handful of Agent updates

(Image via Riot Games)
(Image via Riot Games)

There are quite a few miscellaneous Agent updates in the VALORANT 6.10 patch notes:

  • Updated the size of Brimstone’s Sky Smoke and Orbital Strike targeting reticles to match their size before patch 6.08
  • Removed the mouse cursor displayed on Brimstone's Sky Smoke and Orbital Strike, and Omen's From the Shadows
  • Updated both Fade and Harbor's in-game portraits
  • Added new Reyna voice lines for interactions with Gekko, Chamber, and KAY/O

Bug fixes in the VALORANT 6.10 patch notes

(Image via Riot Games)
(Image via Riot Games)

Last up, we have the bug fixes from the VALORANT 6.10 patch notes. Here are the most prominent ones:

  • Fixed an issue where Yoru’s Fakeout would flash you if you were outside of its conal range of effect
  • Fixed a bug where Yoru’s Fakeout echo would sometimes not have a weapon equipped
  • Fixed an issue where Killjoy's Turret would sometimes aim at the ground

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