The VALORANT 6.07 patch notes deliver the typical bug fixes and gameplay system updates, but most importantly, changes to Bind.

VALORANT patch 6.07 is here and the notes contain plenty of updates to the first-person shooter. Perhaps the most impactful are the changes to Bind. Before the map enters the competitive pool, taking the place of Icebox, it will receive its changes in all other modes for preparation's sake.

More than likely, they want to see the new and improved Bind in action to find any issues and bugs before it moves into the competitive queue. Aside from that, you'll find some UI updates, a handful of bug fixes, and harsher AFK/dodging penalties within the VALORANT 6.07 patch notes.

Everything that stands out in the VALORANT 6.07 patch notes

Here is everything of importance that you can expect from the 6.07 update:

Changes to Bind

(Image via Riot Games)(Image via Riot Games)(Image via Riot Games)(Image via Riot Games)(Image via Riot Games)(Image via Riot Games)(Image via Riot Games)(Image via Riot Games)(Image via Riot Games)
  • B Long teleporter exit moved from A Lobby to the door near A Bath
  • Both doorways into A Bath have been widened
  • A Site Radianite crates have been adjusted
  • A Site near A Tower now has a barrel
  • Back wall on A Site near Defender Spawn has been adjusted
  • Doorway to B Site from Defender Spawn has been widened
  • Utility window now exists between B Site and B Hall

Updated AFK and queue dodging penalties

  • Loss of Ranked Rating increased for repeated queue dodging
  • One day ranked restriction introduced for excessive AFK behavior

Addition and removal of some Agent UI indicators

  • Yellow indicator removed from Reyna's Leer
  • Critical danger indicator added to KAY/O's FRAG/MENT
  • Yellow indicator removed from Skye's Seekers
  • Yellow indicator removed from Killoy's Alarmbot
  • Yellow indicator removed from Chamber's Trademark

Bug fixes in the VALORANT 6.07 patch notes

(Image via Riot Games)
(Image via Riot Games)


  • Projectiles will have their blue travel trail reset for allies when moving through teleporters

Gameplay Systems

  • Agents are no longer able to drop both primary and secondary weapons when planting or defusing the Spike
  • An Agent's teleport ability no longer shows an out-of-sight minimap location when under packet loss
  • Outlines and fresnels no longer appear when the Hide option is toggled
  • Vision cones of Phoenix's Blaze, Viper's Toxic Screen, and Harbor's High Tide no longer flicker or distort on the minimap


  • The social panel from the in-game options screen no longer gets stuck open
  • The right-to-left format standard of the Arabic language will no longer be broken if Arabic is the chosen in-game language and an English word is entered first in a chat message

You can read the entire patch notes on the official VALORANT website. And as always, stay tuned to for more esports news and VALORANT coverage.

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