Valorant Patch 5.07 brings massive changes to Fracture map – Drop and Dish will now see more action cover image

Valorant Patch 5.07 brings massive changes to Fracture map – Drop and Dish will now see more action

The change to Dish on the A site will probably make the area more active in pro matches.

Valorant Patch 5.07 brings about major changes to Fracture as well as quite a few updates to some of the agents. Reyna, Yoru, Kayo and Skye have their numbers tweaked as Riot looks to bring about some much-needed balance changes. Here’s all things new in Valorant Patch 5.07.

Changes to Fracture

Firstly, this update brings some big changes to Fracture and comes just weeks after the Pearl changes. The changes to Fracture are sure to signficantly impact how the game is played from teh casual level to the pro scene. Key are the changes to the Dish area as well as the A short.

The Dish area is notoriously difficult to hold for most defenses and it's not entirely convenient for the attackers either. After receiving signficant feedback from the community and pros, the dev team has now altered the path (in the dish area). Hopefully, this area sees more action in the future.

B Site changes

The approach to the B bombsite for attackers is widened, so they now have more opportunity to check all the nooks and corners. The defenders will have to take more risks if they want to be aggressive here.


The approach to the B bombsite platform is now a straight slope instead of a a tiered slope. This seems to be a move to reduce the noise from a player descending down.

The Valorant devs have adjusted the gap so that one smoke can completely cover this area. This makes it slightly easier for set plays on to the B bombsite.


The defenders spawn location included a slight crevice where opponents could hang out and cut off rotations. An unnecessary difficulty for players who are looking to rotate through the defenders spawn. This reduces the areas to look for when rotating and would lead to more direct fights between the two teams.

Approach Areas

Similar to the defenders spawn, this location in the A mains hall is also much wider now. It opens new angles for attackers to approach and also provides opportunities rfor more aggressive plays from the defenders.

Fracture A Bombsite Changes

Another small angle to watch out for on the A bombsite is this crate. Previously, players had an opportunity to hide in the corner, making it all the more difficult to clear angles and shaving precious seconds in a post-plant situation. The crate is now in the corner, so you can still get the surprise element of height but at the same time, you don't hide in a corner and catch opponents off-guard.

Dish Area changes

The Dish area on Fracture is probably one of the least-used areas on the map. The dual approach routes to the bomb-site make it difficult for defenders to push out and hold this region. At the same time, depending on the amount of time passed, it is also difficult for attackers to clear out each and every angle alone.

Fracture B site drop

The changes to the drop area after the massive update to the Dish area also make this route more enticing for attackers. They can now clear out multiple angles from a bit more safety and don't have to worry about walking into a defensive crossfire.

Fracture Ropes Area changes

The ropes area on the A bombsite now has a nook where players can hide and hold off rotations from the defeders. It is important to note that this is also an advantage for defenders who can now hold multiple angles for players pushing through the doors. Attackers can no longer pre-fire the window and will have to use abilities to clear out the area.

Initial Reactions to Fracture Map Changes

Reactions to the Valorant Fracture Map changes have been mostly positive. Most of these angles were extremely difficult to hold and provided little to no strategic value to the defenders or attackers. The devs have been taking considerable community feedback on changes required to this map.

"Fracture changes look great, dish/drop will feel so much better to play now," said one Redditor, a sentinment that echoes throughout most of the comments.

Fracture remains one of the more popular maps in Valorant. It is also the map where one of the most unique plays in professional Valorant happened when OpTic Crashies took an ace with the entire BOOM esports team en route on the ropes.

The update also brought some changes to several agents - Keyo, Reyna, Yoru and Skye.

Check out the full patch notes on the official Valorant page here.