Valorant patch 2.08 brings a new map to the game. Coaching slots are now available for tournamets and will add some interesting strategies to VCT matches.

Riot Games has released the 2.08 patch notes which introduce Episode 2 Act 3 in Valorant. The new update will introduce a new map, Breeze, for players of Riot’s FPS game.

What’s new with VALORANT 2.08?

A new map and coach slots are new additions to Valorant with 2.08 update. Image Credit: Riot Games/ VALORANT.

The new update will introduce a new tropical map, Breeze as well as a new cosmetic set. Valorant players will find a new Breeze-only queue for two weeks. After two weeks, Breeze will be a part of the Standard Unranked and competitive queue. 

We’re very excited to introduce Coach slots to Tournament Mode games! This is only the beginning of our work on Coaches, and while functionality will be limited to start, we have plans to expand the capabilities available to coaches during a match. We look forward to evolving the role of coaches and working on this feature in partnership with coaches from the VCT ecosystem.

The latest update also adds Coach slots to the game. The coach slots will allow for greater strategic depth to professional games. Coaching slots will now be a part of the game’s tournament mode as well as custom games. Coaches can use all chat and party chat to communicate with tournament moderators.

Breeze – A new map

Breeze is the latest map to join Riot Games’ Valorant in the 2.08 patch update. Image Credit: Riot Games.

Breeze is a new tropical-themed map that will be available for players in Valorant Episode 2 Act 3. Breeze is set on a remote island distinguished by its bright, playful, and colorful environment, with wide-open spaces and opportunities for long-range encounters. Episode 2 Act 3 is the final act for this episode and the next update will be Episode 3. 

Valorant players can access Breeze in the new Breeze-only queue. The map will also be available in Deathmatch, Escalation and Spike Rush queues.

Besides these changes, the latest update also brings several smaller bug fixes and quality of life improvements. Valorant players can read the full patch notes here.

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