Riot to add Coaching slots in VALORANT patch 2.08 cover image

Riot to add Coaching slots in VALORANT patch 2.08

VALORANT 2.08 patch update will add coaching slots to the game. Riot Games has a roadmap for coaches in the game.

Riot Games has confirmed coaching slots will make their way to VALORANT in patch 2.08. The game developer will work with the community to make improvements to this feature.

 Players have been asking for coaching slots in VALORANT for some time now. In Riot’s Ask VALORANT April 2021 blog update, Riley Yurk, VALORANT Esports Strategy said coaching slots will be a part of the game with the next update. 

It’s official, coaching slots are coming in patch 2.08! As an esport, we continue to be excited at the prospect of coaches playing a larger role in matches and plan to provide more analytical tools in the future.

Riley Yurk.

VALORANT to add coaching slots in 2.08 

Image Credit: Riot Games.
Image Credit: Riot Games.

Riot Games sees coaches as an integral part of the team. Yurk emphasizes the coach and player relationship, calling it an important dynamic in VALORANT. 

Overall, we see the coach and player relationship as an important dynamic in our esport. We have some ideas on where we want to take this and will be talking with players (specifically In-Game Leaders) and Coaches in the near future to solidify our plans. 

Riot will also bring constant innovations to coaching in VALORANT. Patch 2.08 is basic foundation and Riot promises to work with VCT participants to improve the coaching feature. 

Valve Shuns Coaches, Riot Games welcomes them

Riot’s plans are in stark contrast to Valve’s actions against coaches. The Esports Integrity Commission found 37 coaches guilty of abusing an in-game visual bug. In its January blog, Valve has banned coaches from being in the same room, server or having any open line of communication with players during matches.

Neither coaches nor any other team staff will be allowed in the room, on the server, or to otherwise communicate with the team during an online match.

Valve said in its January 27 blog.

Riot Games is working with the community to help develop systems to integrate coaches in the game. Coaching slots are just the first step and Riot has a plan for the future of coaches and IGLs in the game. The developer’s plans seem to inspire confidence in the role a coach will have in the team’s performance.

Riot Games has remained non-committal on a pick-ban system in VALORANT. 

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