Team Maryna wins back-to-back FlyQuest Trailblazer qualifiers cover image

Team Maryna wins back-to-back FlyQuest Trailblazer qualifiers

The third and final FlyQuest Trailblazer qualifier took place, with Team Maryna showing up and showing out a second month in a row.

FlyQuest hosted their third and final Trailblazer VALORANT qualifier tournament. In October, November, and now December, they've selected captains, who in turn selected their teams. Those teams battled through group stages and a playoff bracket to take home some prize money and secure a spot in the championship.

In back-to-back qualifiers, Team Maryna took first place. Her and her squad remained mostly the same, with only one player changing from the November tournament. They ran through the competition once more to gain plenty of momentum heading into January's finale.

Team Maryna takes the win at yet another FlyQuest Trailblazer qualifying event

(Image via FlyQuest)
(Image via FlyQuest)

Four groups sent two teams each to the playoff bracket. To no one's surprise, Team Maryna moved through, but not without potential setback. They lost their opening series against Team Slandy as part of Group A.

This would be the same team they'd go up against in the Grand Final. After squeezing through the group stage, they took out Team Aniemal and Team Starriebun to punch their ticket to the final series of the tournament.

In that Grand Final, they'd get their revenge against Team Slandy. The opening map was all theirs, but a close one went in favor of the opposition to follow. The last map was another close affair, and Team Maryna prevailed.

Teams that qualified for the championship tournament

With Team Maryna winning the December Flyquest Trailblazer qualifier, the stage is set for January. The $25k championship tournament is next for eight teams and their captains.

Those teams are as follows:

  • Team Maryna
  • Team Starriebun
  • Team Shmoople
  • Team Tiffae
  • Team Mle
  • Team Aniemal
  • Team Tupperware
  • Team Benita

The FlyQuest Trailblazer finals is scheduled for January 16 - 17. Tune in to see the captains and their teams battle one last time.

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