The FlyQuest Trailblazer qualifier for November saw two familiar faces go at in the tournament’s Grand Final.

Team Starriebun and Team Maryna fought their way through the FlyQuest Trailblazer November qualifier. The invited captains assembled their teams and once again did battle in the Grand Final. Rosters weren't exactly the same, but the two captains ensured the rematch from the October Grand Final did not disappoint.

FlyQuest Trailblazer November qualifier ends in victory for Team Maryna

(Image via FlyQuest)
(Image via FlyQuest)

There were quite a few high profile names leading teams in this FlyQuest Trailblazer qualifying tournament. It was always going to come down to just two, however. And it feels like it was part of a script when looking back on the October tournament.

In October, Starriebun took her squad to the finish line over Maryna's with a 2:0 victory. Revenge was in the cards for the latter this time around. Though Team Starriebun started strong, Team Maryna finished even stronger.

Team Starriebun vs. Team Maryna
Lotus 13:7
Haven 5:13
Breeze 3:13

The first map was a defensive showcase by Team Starriebun, which allowed them to be just enough head that the attacking side gave them the win. Map two saw the same situation, but the roles were reversed. Team Maryna dominated on defense and managed to close things out fairly easy after halftime.

It would all come down to Breeze for map three. Team Maryna wasted no time in bringing the fight to Team Starriebun. They hit them hard on attack for a 9:3 first half. The momentum carried over to their defensive side as Starriebun and company could not catch a break.

There'd be no 9:3 curse to end the FlyQuest Trailblazer November qualifier. Team Maryna shut down Team Starriebun on the final map to win it all. The rematch going to Maryna makes us want to see these two captains make the Grand Final once more when the December qualifier takes place.

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