FlyQuest to host second $10k VALORANT Trailblazer Championship qualifier cover image

FlyQuest to host second $10k VALORANT Trailblazer Championship qualifier

The FlyQuest Trailblazer Tournament delivers another qualifier in VALORANT on its way to the Championship event.

FlyQuest has been building up to their Trailblazer Championship tournament with qualifying events. The first one took place in October and now, they are gearing up for round two. There are 15 captains, who will pick their teams and faceoff in VALORANT for a $10k prize pool.

FlyQuest Trailblazer Championship qualifier captains and teams

(Image via FlyQuest)
(Image via FlyQuest)

The 15 captains have been chosen for this FlyQuest Trailblazer Championship qualifier. They will all select four additional teammates, that showcase women and marginalized genders, to compete with. Much like the VALORANT Game Changers circuit. Once those teammates have been chosen, we'll update you on each full roster.

Team Dodonut

  • Dodonut
  • Vernina
  • unstable
  • angie
  • cindy

Team Aniemal

  • Aniemal
  • miyara
  • cbui
  • maple
  • habibti

Team Tupperware

  • Tupperware
  • LunaFox
  • cait
  • bunnybee
  • christina

Team Mle

  • Mle
  • LeeLee
  • emluo
  • Princessicy
  • Stay

Team Starriebun

  • Starriebun
  • avery
  • panday
  • Bahzar
  • evv

Team Autumn

  • Autumn
  • Jazzyk1ns
  • Laisha
  • cia
  • moonemi

Team Benita

  • Benita
  • sHMeaty
  • sonder
  • Julia
  • misu

Team Shmoople

  • Shmoople
  • Carlee
  • hannah
  • Slandy
  • riv
  • lazylion

Team Cece

  • Cece
  • kr1sp
  • alpine
  • ketarys
  • Requiem
  • happy
  • sadeel

Team Aquafina

  • kitkat
  • Calvrix
  • Tranced
  • Senniursa
  • papa frog
  • snuuz

Team Jerbifer

  • Jerbifer
  • MilkTeaBoards
  • zeloh
  • vGumiho
  • elysiu

Team Kayzie

  • Kayzie
  • sabooboo
  • casslie
  • Nymfelie
  • nyla

Team Korosu

  • Korosu
  • Angel
  • Tailo
  • rayne

Team Maryna

  • Maryna
  • wavy
  • melya
  • miku

Team Kazler

  • Kazler
  • fawn
  • Sekkya
  • Raven
  • kaeukii

Dates and format

The second FlyQuest Trailblazer Championship qualifier takes place November 21 - 22. The first day will begin with the Group Stage. An opening match, the winner's and loser's matches, as well as the final decider match will be best-of-one contests.

Following that on day one will be the start of bracket competition. The round of eight determines the semi-finalists and finalists for day two. From the round of eight onward, each match will be your typical best-of-three VALORANT series.

The tournament is scheduled to kick off at 3 p.m. EST. You can watch a live broadcast with featured games or tune in to your favorite team's streams. All players will stream their perspectives for the duration of their time in the tournament.

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