Set the stage. Be the future. Be a trailblazer.

FlyQuest have partnered with eFuse and erena to launch a Game Changers-adjacent VALORANT tournament: "Trailblazer". The series will consist of four events, with the last being a playoff-style Championship event.

The tournament will follow the same eligibility criteria as VALORANT Game Changers but will have specially-picked captains to play. These captains will be picked and contacted before the start of the event and they will then be able to construct their roster.

That roster will have to follow certain roster rules. That includes a limit on only two players who competed on the same team in Game Changers 3 and no more than two players from GC3 T8 on the same team.

Stephanie Harvey, better known as former Counter-Strike player "missharvey" is helping spearhead the project at FlyQuest.

"We are thrilled to lead the way with our inaugural FlyQuest Trailblazer series featuring VALORANT as our first title," she said. "VALORANT holds a significant place within our organization, and as we approach the year's end, we are excited to make a substantial impact.

"We firmly believe that fostering a robust and dynamic gaming community begins by elevating its key constituents: the players, creators, and emerging competitors. Here's to the first of countless successes! GO VALORANT!"


There will be four two-day events as part of the FlyQuest Trailblazer series. These events will each month from October 2023 up until January 2024. The full calendar is:

  • October 17-18, 2023
  • November 21-22, 2023
  • December 12-13, 2023
  • January 16-17, 2024


The first three events in the FlyQuest Trailblazer series will each share the same format. 16 teams will be placed into GSL-style groups, with eight teams making it through to a single-elimination bracket. Teams will play these events over the course of two days.

Teams will earn points based on their placements in each of the three events leading up to the Championship event in January. The top eight teams will then play for the title of Champions and earn the title of Trailblazers.

Prize pool

$55,000 will be on offer over the course of the FlyQuest Trailblazer tournament. This will be handed out across the four events, with an increased prize for the 8-team Championship event in January.

This is how the prize pool breakdown looks:

  • October Event : $10,000
  • November Event: $10,000
  • December Event: $10,000
  • Championship Event: $25,000


The FlyQuest VALORANT Trailblazer tournament will be live-streamed on each of the event days. Full broadcast is in place for both full days of action of each event. All of the action will be on the FlyQuest Twitch channel.

That's all the info on the FlyQuest VALORANT Trailblazer tournament. Stay tuned to for full comprehensive coverage of the series.