Team Deathmatch has been confirmed by Riot Games to release alongside the launch of VALORANT Episode 7 Act 1.

A new Dev Diaries video from the team behind Riot Games' acclaimed first-person shooter has confirmed loads of new info. The video gives a short look at what's to come in 2023. It mentions new Agents, the game finally arriving in China, and a Team Deathmatch mode launching with VALORANT Episode 7.

A Team Deathmatch mode is scheduled to release with VALORANT Episode 7

Team Deathmatch is arguably the most popular mode in all of gaming. It is simple, but can deliver hours upon hours of fun. Back in January, Riot Games released a previous Dev Diaries video that teased TDM's addition to VALORANT.

The most recent edition of Dev Diaries has confirmed its arrival, via Executive Producer Anna Donlon. She then passed the spotlight over to Game Director Andy Ho. He shared the news that Team Deathmatch is on its way to VALORANT in Episode 7.

Team Deathmatch will have new maps built specifically for the mode and allow for Agent abilities. This is different than the every-man-for-himself Deathmatch mode where many players like to warm up their aim. Deathmatch takes place on maps in the standard pool with no abilities.

Per prominent leaker ValorLeaks, the mode will be known as HURM rather than Team Deathmatch. We'll wait and see on that as the developers call it the latter. He also mentions custom maps, reiterating that they are custom for the mode itself and not custom in the sense of being player-made.

When is VALORANT Episode 7?

If you're one of the players ready to dive into Team Deathmatch in VALORANT, you're probably wondering when it launches. With confirmation of it coming in Episode 7, you just need to look at the countdown time remaining on the Episode 6 Act 3 Battlepass.

If everything stays on schedule, Episode 6 Act 3 comes to a close on June 26. The following day on June 27 is when Episode 7 Act 1 launches. You'll have a new Battlepass to grind through and the new Team Deathmatch mode to warm up, waste time, or have fun with friends in VALORANT.

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