Squad Boost is back in VALORANT to end 2023 cover image

Squad Boost is back in VALORANT to end 2023

Squad Boost is once again active in VALORANT for a short period, so you can earn additional XP by playing with friends.

From the official VALORANT X account, Riot Games has announced that Squad Boost is back. You're now able to squad up with you friends and earn bonus XP for the remainder of the year. It runs from December 5 through January 4.

What is Squad Boost in VALORANT?

(Image via Riot Games)
(Image via Riot Games)

If you want to earn some extra XP to reach a certain level or finish your Battlepass, Squad Boost is the way to go. First and foremost, you need some friends. And the more friends you play with, the higher the XP boost you gain.

Here's each tier that Squad Boost allows:

  • Two Players: 8% XP Boost
  • Three Players: 12% XP Boost
  • Four Players: 16% XP Boost
  • Five Players: 20% XP Boost

Whether you duo or five-stack, you'll receive that added bonus from Squad Boost in VALORANT while its active. Of course, the latter gives you the most bang for your buck, so to speak. Jump in with a full team and you get that hefty 20% bonus.

How to put it to use

It doesn't take much to activate Squad Boost in VALORANT. Just follow these simple steps and the extra XP is yours:

  1. Load into VALORANT
  2. View your friends list and invite up to four other players
  3. If a friend is hosting instead, simply accept their invite when it appears
  4. Queue into a game of VALORANT
  5. Reap the bonus XP benefits once that game is complete, based on the amount of players in your party

If you don't have any friends to use the Squad Boost with right away, join a game and just be kind to your teammates. Ask someone if they want to party up or even stay on as a five-stack if you are meshing well. Then you can add them to your friends list to start playing together.

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