Sat in the lobby alone? Need to learn how to add your friends? We’ve got you covered.

VALORANT is one of the top FPS games in the esports space. The 5v5 hero-based tactical shooter has quickly become one of the best and most-loved games in the world.

It's one that takes little to learn and understand but a lot to master, with players constantly evolving their strategy and abilities to be the best of the best.

VALORANT Episode 7, Act 2 artwork.
VALORANT Episode 7, Act 2 artwork.

VALORANT, much like other tactical FPS titles, strongly encourages players to play with their friends and party up for queueing into matches. In order to get partied up with friends, you'll need to know how to add them to your friends list first. We've got you covered.

How do you add friends in VALORANT?

Adding friends in VALORANT is super simple. It's a key mechanic and incredibly important that it is made as accessible as possible.

You can add friends on VALORANT from any of the screens in the menu. The social overlay on the right side of the screen is where you can go to add your friends. In order to be able to send them a friend request, you need two things from them:

  • Riot ID
  • Tagline

Players can choose custom text for both of these things so be sure to make certain that you have got your friend's details completely correct.

The add friend box in the VALORANT game client.
The add friend box in the VALORANT game client.

One you have sent the friend request, your friend will be prompted to accept or decline. Once they have accepted your friend request then they will appear in your friends list in the social tab.

You can then either invite them to your party or request to join their party. Once that's done and you show up together on the home screen, then you are good to go in queueing matches with each other.

That's all you need to know about adding friends in VALORANT. Enjoy playing with your friends (or don't, it is VALORANT after all). Stay tuned to for all of the latest news and guides for VALORANT.

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