sinatraa teases a return to pro Valorant in 2023 cover image

sinatraa teases a return to pro Valorant in 2023

sinatraa may be returning to pro Valorant this year despite previous allegations against him.

Former Overwatch League pro Jay "sinatraa" Won is returning to Valorant this year.

sinatraa made waves in the esports scene when he switched from Overwatch to Valorant despite being one of the best players in the Overwatch League. He played for the Sentinels and had a good run until he was accused of sexual assault by his former girlfriend, Cleo "cle0h" Hernandez in 2021.

While Sentinels initially clung on to the star player despite the concerning allegations, he was eventually dropped for Tyson "TenZ" Ngo due to being banned from VCT events.

In April 2022, sinatraa announced a return to pro play after hinting at returning to the Sentinels on stream. Despite having his heart set on playing for his former team, Sentinels never picked sinatraa back up. Since then, sinatraa has been silent about esports and has instead been streaming. His Twitter feed has largely been dedicated to updates on his fitness journey.

Now, sinatraa may be competing in Valorant once again.

Is sinatraa returning to Valorant?

Valorant streamre Connor "PROD" Mora shared an interesting update on Twitter on January 10, claiming that sinatraa and other tagged players were going to be competing in the Valorant Champions Tour Challengers this year.

After the investigation into cle0h's claims, sinatraa became a free agent in pro Valorant. It's been a while since sinatraa has even talked about Valorant, but he retweeted PROD's announcement, which has many Valorant fans believing that it's more than just a troll.

The Challengers team would consist of:

  • Jimmy "Marved" Nguyen
  • Jared "zombs" Gitlin
  • Coy "dizzy" Meadows
  • PROD
  • sinatraa

This would make the team a combination of pro players and streamers, a potentially promising lineup that could really make an impact in the Challengers tournament.

The suspension on VCT events is up for sinatraa, making this an actual possibility. But fans are still skeptical since many teams have been weary of signing sinatraa due to the allegations and the behavior that followed the investigation. Others, however, believe he should be given another shot at pro play.

If the announcement is to be believed, the squad with sinatraa will compete in the NA Challengers Last-Chance Qualifier starting on January 17. The top two teams from this event will earn the final spots in NA's Challenger's League. As the former best Sova player in the world, sinatraa may be able to bring his team to victory and continue his Valorant journey.