Sentinels have made the addition of Rawkus as coach, after he was dropped from FaZe Clan earlier this week.

Shane “Rawkus” Flaherty has been announced as the long-anticipated coach for their Valorant roster.

Prior to this, Rawkus’ status was a bit up in the air. FaZe Clan had reportedly dropped their entire Valorant roster but it was not confirmed up until now.

Rawkus kept the announcement under his hat until he went live with a mysterious announcement. About five minutes into the stream he broke the news that not only was he no longer with FaZe, but that he would be coaching Valorant.

Several in the chat had to question the validity of the news, where Rawkus confirmed that he is not trolling and will be the coach of Sentinels Valorant for their Champions Berlin run.

What will this mean for Sentinels?

For Sentinels, this will be a redemption run, hoping to redeem their last appearance in Berlin at Masters where they went out in 5-8th place. The team has been teasing this move for about a week, a reverse in attitude after their defeat in Berlin.

Rawkus has been known for creating strategies on the fly throughout his career and it appears that his time in the player’s chair is at an end for now. He does, however, bring years of competitive and stage experience from the Overwatch League to the Sentinels roster, something they weren’t lacking in, but perhaps he can help them with their mindset.

The reaction from the Valorant community has both been one of shock but colored with intrigue.

“The absolute dumptruck difference this is going to give Sentinels is going to be ass-tronomical,” Brennon “Brencasts” Hook said on Twitter. “Berlin’s center of gravity shifting as we speak.”

Sentinels, with coach Rawkus, will look to redeem their run at Champions which kicks off on December 1 and runs through December 12. We will have to see if this is the difference that Sentinels need to unequivocally reclaim their best in the world status.

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