Sentinels’ Valorant squad could finally be looking at picking up a coach to redeem Masters Berlin performance.

Sentinels Valorant fans might finally be in for a shock. Despite famously being one of the few teams in the Valorant scene to not have a coach and say that they didn’t really need one, Sentinels are now intimating that they might want a coach after all.

While some in the replies of this tweet have intimated that it might be a bait post, we aren’t so sure. Sentinels took a thrashing at Masters Berlin finishing in 5-8th and are likely looking ahead to redeeming themselves at Champions.

Why does Sentinels now need a coach?

At the time, and other members of the press asked Sentinels about whether they needed or wanted a coach, or if they felt they were at a disadvantage and were told no. This backed up earlier quotes from Zombs back when Sentinels were succeeding at almost every event they were attending, including Masters Reyjavik and the run-up to Masters Berlin.

However, teams clearly have been catching on. At the time of Sentinels being knocked out of the tournament, G2’s Nukkye said the following:

“They’ve played the same way the past four or five tournaments. They haven’t changed anything, so we don’t see them as a problem anymore.” Nukkye stated. “That’s the facts, we’ll continue destroying them.”

Presumably, a Valorant coach would not only help the team with their playstyle and help them come up with ways to mix it up, it might also help with their mentality. When they played in Berlin, they clearly came in a bit unprepared and even lost matches to get a better seed in the tournament.

Regardless, Sentinels have a little under a month to prepare for Champions. It’s possible they’ve already been working with a coach and are only now getting ready to announce them.

Champions will kick off on December 1 and run through December 12.

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