Riot Games announces GRID as its exclusive esports data partner cover image

Riot Games announces GRID as its exclusive esports data partner

The partnership between Riot Games and GRID has expanded to an exclusive team-up for both League of Legends and VALORANT data.

Riot Games and GRID first partnered in early 2022. A year later, Riot revealed that GRID created the VALORANT Data Portal to produce real-time data and statistics for the FPS' esports teams. That partnership has now grown even further.

Both Riot Games and GRID are happy to announce that the latter has become the exclusive data provider for League of Legends Esports and the VALORANT Champions Tour. The GRID Data Platform is the sole supplier of data infrastructure solutions for Riot's top esports.

Riot Games' data partnership with GRID becomes exclusive with League and VALORANT support

(Image via GRID)
(Image via GRID)

Data has become an important aspect of esports. It helps analysts prepare for upcoming matches, talent create stories for broadcasts, and fans to understand the impact a player has in their favorite game. Its a vital tool in today's competitive gaming world.

Riot Games strongly believes this, as proven by them taking an equity stake in GRID following the announcement:

"At Riot, we believe in putting player experience first and have found a great partner in GRID that will help us unlock the vast potential of data to the long-term benefit of our pro esports teams and the broader Riot Esports community.

"The team behind the GRID Data Platform is as passionate about data as they are about esports, and we share the same values. Through our partnership, we can grow the presence of official esports data in Riot’s ecosystem and the industry, enabling growth, innovation, and more entertainment value for the fans."

- Doug Watson, Head of Business Strategy, Global Esports at Riot Games

According to Riot, there will be live official esports data for League of Legends and the VCT beginning with the 2024-25 season. It comes with the launch of the League of Legends Esports Data Portal, similar to that of the VALORANT Data Portal.

"Riot Games was the first game publisher to truly invest in esports, understanding its role beyond a marketing exercise for the games, and created an impressive, unique competitive ecosystem. GRID was founded on the conviction that data holds immense potential for such ecosystems. We have made it our mission to unlock this potential for all stakeholders.

"This partnership aims to power a new chapter of League of Legends and VALORANT esports with data, representing a remarkable milestone for all of us at GRID. I speak for the team in expressing our gratitude and excitement about the prospect of contributing to the future of sport at Riot Games with GRID’s technology."

- Moritz Maurer, CEO and Founder of GRID

With Riot headquartered in Los Angeles, California and GRID based in Berlin, Germany, this is a truly a world-spanning partnership to provide data to esports players and fans everywhere.

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