Red Bull Home Ground returns in 2024, this time with an NA qualifier to determine the region’s representative at the world final.

The Red Bull Home Ground series is perhaps the most innovative non-VCT VALORANT competition around. Teams get to pick their Home Ground map, and if one wins both, the series is over. Otherwise, it goes to a best-of-five. And now, for the first time ever, Red Bull brings us a Home Ground qualifier on NA soil.

Everything we know about the Red Bull Home Ground NA qualifier

Scan the QR code for more info and ticket information for the tournament (Image via Red Bull)
Scan the QR code for more info and ticket information for the tournament (Image via Red Bull)

Of the few iterations of Red Bull Home Ground thus far, NA teams have performed well. They've never had to qualify on their own turf, though. With five teams headed to the NA qualifier, this first-time event will surely be an OFF//SEASON tournament you don't want to miss.

So far, here are the details of what has been announced:

  • Location: Fremont Studios in Seattle, Washington
  • Date: September 29
  • Teams: Cloud9 is the first invited team, among five of the region's top VALORANT rosters
  • Prize Pool: $20,000 and a chance to advance to the global Red Bull Home Ground later in the year

Four teams are receiving direct invites, with Cloud9 the first, as previously mentioned. The fifth team arrives to the Red Bull Home Ground NA qualifier through another set of qualifiers. An open online qualifier will take place prior to the event.

Per Red Bull, the NA qualifier for Home Ground will feature the top hosts, analysts, casters, and even streamers from the North American VALORANT scene. Those participating will be announced at a later date.

Whoever wins gets their chance to represent NA VALORANT in Berlin at the world final. Red Bull will reveal more teams in the coming weeks, so keep coming back here as we'll update the list above when a new team is announced.

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