VALORANT on console might feel like a different game, but the grind through the ranked ladder is just as competitive.

If you're playing VALORANT on console, you know that the experience is as different as it is the same. You still have the maps you love, the Agents you main, and the weapons you frag out with. But what about the Competitive queue? Well, VALORANT on console does have ranked.

It did not arrive immediately with the limited beta, but after a short waiting period, you can start the grind to Radiant with your controller. If you've played the game on PC, you should already be familiar with how the ranked system works, in terms of placements and the different available ranks.

When does the ranked mode release for VALORANT on console?

VALORANT recently announced a change in how their updates rollout. The patches are still implemented on the same schedule, but the content does not come until the day after, or sometimes even the day after that.

Alongside of that reveal, they snuck in a comment on when ranked arrives in VALORANT on console. From Wednesday, June 26 onward, you can hop into the Competitive queue of VALORANT to try and be the best console player.

Does your rank from VALORANT on PC carry over to console?

(Image via Riot Games)
(Image via Riot Games)

Your rank on PC is completely separate from your rank on console. And that's how it rightfully should be. There is no crossplay, just cross-platform progression with your account level and skin/accessory collection.

The developers have stated many times that VALORANT for console is basically a brand-new game, as they had to build it from the ground up to work with console and controller limitations. So, here's a challenge. Will you be the first to reach VALORANT's Radiant rank on console and PC?

Good luck, and stay tuned to for more esports news and VALORANT coverage.