Paper Rex’s D4V41 spoke with’s Rohan Samal about the team’s match against DRX, the infamous Reyna pick and more.

There are only four teams that directly qualified to the playoffs at VCT Masters Reykjavik. These four teams, The Guard, G2 esports, Paper Rex and LOUD were the best in their respective regions having gone through the Challengers stage and coming out on top. 

Paper Rex, the winners of the APAC Challengers, along with DRX, holds the hopes of many Asian fans for this international tournament. The two teams recently faced each other in their first playoffs match, a series that was full of aggression, excitement and strategic adjustment. 

The winners of the APAC Challengers started directly in the playoffs. Image Credit: Riot Games.

The Paper Rex-DRX match saw Yoru and Reyna picks, two relatively uncommon picks in this meta. Even as surprised viewers exclaimed and Reyna mains cheered in Valorant matchmaking, Paper Rex’s relentless aggression allowed them to not only display Reyna’s usefulness, but also win  a map, Haven, with it. 

Speaking about the agent pick, Khalish “d4v41” Rusyaidee explained how the pick was in tune with Wang Jing “Jinggg” Jie’s comfort, allowing him to shine at his first international event. 

“It’s just a comfort pick for us since Jinggg is not the best when it comes to an agent with utilities. For eg. Kayo and stuff, he prefers to just get him Reyna so that he doesn’t have to think much because he’s got a great aim. We just let him pick his comfort pick.”

Jinggg’s Reyna finished the first map with 23 kills and a 285 ACS. 

“I’m feeling really happy [Jinggg] popped off even though this was his first international performance”

Paper Rex won the first map after a splendid performance on Haven against the series favorites, DRX. Even though the team was aggressive all around, it was not possible without the synergy and the chemistry between the players. They have their unique style that requires each player to contribute. However, when the moment arises, the players rise above and display absurd levels of skill. There were multiple instances on the first map when Jinggg helped Paper Rex to win the map.

“I think he’s [Jinggg] the main reason we came back in that game because it’s not just that round he saved us but previously, two rounds before, I think he saved us from the A short and the one round when he flanked their A main. I think their Breach ultid Jingg towards the A main, he managed to get two or three opponents. The next round, he pushed the sewer A short and he got us 2-3 kills. Technically he saved 2-3 rounds for us. That’s why we managed to come back in the end. But it was really insane kills by him. I’m feeling really happy he popped off even though this was his first international performance.”

forsaken and Jinggg: Two of the most promising members on the Paper Rex roster. Image Credit: Valorant esports.

However, despite losing Haven, DRX was able to adapt well to the Paper Rex playstyle. The next map was Bind where Paper Rex’s forsaken brought out the Yoru. The super-aggressive Yoru playstyle where he would teleport on to the site and surprise DRX with their positioning and movement was, however, quickly countered by the Korean roster.

“DRX is always good at escaping the trap. For eg. I would say they are the best team, in Asia, when it comes to identifying the traps and all danger. Every time they see a play coming, they just stay at the base and identify what they’re going to do. I would say they are not a careless team. I think there’s a reason why our plays weren’t really working out.”

Paper Rex d4v41

Coming into this tournament, DRX are one of the favorites to win this event. The team has been able to show dominance so far, however, Paper Rex was the only team that was able to take a map off them.

In a recent interview with, DRX BuZz said the loss at Champs was a huge motivating factor for them. DRX players have been putting in a lot of efforts into their scrims and practices because they want to overcome the result they had at Champions.

“European teams are really good at holding an angle. When it comes to APAC team we like to swing wide” – Paper Rex d4v41

Paper Rex d4v41. Image Credit: Riot Games.

Paper Rex have been present in Iceland for quite a few days now. After some problems with their luggage arriving late, Paper Rex players have been in quarantine and practicing. With no group stage matches to compete in, Paper Rex has been scrimming a lot, mostly against EU teams. 

“European teams are really good at holding an angle. When it comes to APAC team we like to swing wide. We don’t really hold the angle much. European teams play technically very passive on the defense, they’ll just hold the angle for 30-40 seconds and set up and stuff. So I would say that’s the best part of EU. Their holding angles, teamwork, crossfire and obviously their utilities is great. They are very synchronized.”

Paper Rex’s next match is a clash against the NA Challengers winners, The Guard. The loser of this match will be eliminated from Masters Reykjavik. 

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