Nerd Street’s relationship with Riot Games continues to expand as they’ve been selected to help run Game Changers and VCT Challengers 1 NA.

After establishing themselves as one of the premier organizations for hosting Valorant in North America, Nerd Street is back to do it again in 2022. This time they've expanded and will be running not only the VCT, but also all three Game Changers events.

Game Changers, for those not in the loop, is Riot's initiative to give female professional gamers more opportunities to compete, level up their game, and generally provide more exposure for women who want to go pro.

Riot's partnership with Nerd Street expands

“Riot Games is an extraordinary partner, and Nerd Street is excited to continue working with a publisher that supports its games’ communities, from first-time players, to fans, talent, and professional teams,” said John Fazio, CEO and Founder of Nerd Street. “As an organization, we take pride in delivering top-tier services to every organization we work with, and being selected to operate VCT in its second year demonstrates the success we were able to achieve together last year.”

Nerd Street has been a major force in Valorant for the past year, with approximately 6,000 pro and amateur players playing in their events. The company also claims to have been a key part of 75 players' journey from amateur to pro player in Valorant.

"We couldn't be more excited to work with Nerd Street Gamers again to bring a new season of VCT play to North America," said Bear Jemison, Head of NA/OCE VALORANT Esports. "Nerd Street has been an incredible partner and they bring a wealth of expertise, experience, and passion to their esports operations. We're confident that together, we'll build something that fans will love."

Great news for amatuer players and talent

Nerd Street has become a key part of the amateur pipeline not only for players, but casters and talent too. Their Localhost venues give local talent a chance to make their debut on the big stage, and with these events in tow, should offer even further opportunities.

Nerd Street will be hosting its own Amateur champs series for Valorant for those hoping for more opportunities to play throughout the year. It will be good practice for the VCT open qualifiers in North America, which kick off on January 27-30, as well as February 3-6.

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