You can get your hands on some new skins with the Magepunk 3.0 bundle when it arrives in your VALORANT shop on May 29.

Magepunk 3.0 is available to purchase in VALORANT. It takes the place of the game's 2023 Run It Back bundle. With the set, you can harness the power of new-age technology and add some really cool items your to collection.

Magepunk 3.0 skins

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This is the first ever 3.0 bundle to arrive in the first-person shooter. It isn't actually called Magepunk 3.0, though that's what the community refers to it as. In-game, it is simply another addition to the Magepunk collection. You'll be able to obtain the following items if you decide to buy:

  • Magepunk, Ep. 6 Buddy
  • Magepunk, Ep 6. Card
  • Magepunk Vandal
  • Magepunk Phantom
  • Magepunk Sparkswitch

Magepunk 3.0 is one of just a few VALORANT bundles that includes both a Phantom and Vandal.

Bundle price

The first two Magepunk bundles cost 7100 VALORANT Points each. They also included more than three weapon skins. With the Phantom and Vandal in 3.0, one would assume that it is more costly. That's incorrect, however.

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The Magepunk 3.0 bundle does only come with the three skins, and that may be why Riot decided to lower the price compared to its predecessors. The entire bundle is 6127 VALORANT Points, but you can buy each item individually at the following prices:

  • Magepunk, Ep. 6 Buddy: 475 VP
  • Magepunk, Ep 6. Card: 375 VP
  • Magepunk Vandal: 1775 VP
  • Magepunk Phantom: 1775 VP
  • Magepunk Sparkswitch: 4350 VP

That totals to 8750 VALORANT points, giving you a 2623 VP discount on every single Magepunk 3.0 item if you go the bundle route.

When will the new Magepunk bundle release in VALORANT?

Riot Games officially revealed the day Magepunk 3.0 will be in your VALORANT shop when announcing the new set. You can get your hands on the new Magepunk bundle right now. When the shop reset on May 29, it arrived for every player, ready for you to spend your hard-earned VALORANT Points.

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