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Luminosity Gaming Exit the VALORANT Championship Series

Via an announcement on Twitter, LG has decided to leave the scene for the “foreseeable future.” In an effort to help players, LG will help find a new home for the team at seasons end.

The Toronto based esports organization Luminosity Gaming is exiting the VALORANT space. In an announcement made via Twitter, LG has decided to leave the scene for the “foreseeable future." In an effort to help players, LG will help find a new home for the team at seasons end. The team will continue to play under the LG logo for the remainder of Stage Two.

Luminosity Gaming Release Roster Midseason

The timing of the announcement comes at a precarious moment. With LG at 2-1 in their VCT NA Group, there's an opportunity for a playoff run. However, Riot reportedly met with potential teams to discuss partnerships details, and LG's parent company Enthusiast Gaming lost around $8.5m in Q1 of 2022 pointing to finical instability. The move coincides with the idea of Riot being able to carefully choose partners with the limited partnered slots.

Thankfully, the team will remain under the LG banner for the rest of the season, avoiding unnecessary confusion. In the press release from LG, the organization has stated, “we aim to find a new home for our talented roster in which they can compete for years to come.” So, for an organization brazenly exiting the scene mid-season, the players will have access to their network of connections to potentially transition effortlessly. 

Next steps for LG in esports

For Luminosity, their slate of esports teams continues to dwindle as they exit another game. The current state of the organization is largely geared towards content creation. With mega twitch personalities, Felix “XQC” Lengyel and Nick “Nick Eh 30” Amyoony signed on, it's their central focus. However, LG still holds stake in the Overwatch League, Call of Duty League, Fortnite and Rocket League.

Moreover, the move comes as a shock to the VALORANT community considering the consistency of their roster. bdog and mada have proven to be monstrous talents on a variety of agents against all levels of competition. The International success had eluded them, but domestically, LG has been one of the few rosters with staying power and solid results. 

LG Moose and dazzle on keeping the team together

Moving forward, keeping the current roster together is essential to the players as they enter restricted free agency. In-game leader Will “dazzle” Loafman and Kaleb “Moose” Jayne took to twitter to express the importance of keeping the team together.

"Keeping our roster AND staff together is incredibly important to us, and vital to the long term success of this team"

Will "dazzle" Loafman

Approaching 2023, organizations will be making critical decisions on their future in VALORANT. LG is the first team to make a move amidst teams jostling for the reported 8-10 team slots for North America, Brazil, and Latin America combined. It won’t be the last team exiting the scene based on the availability of franchising within the VCT.

As for the players, any organization looking to enter the VCT will now have a prime opportunity. Signing a packaged six-man deal that instantly places the new organization within the upper echelon of North America. It won’t be long before the Luminosity boys are playing under new ownership.