Here is a breakdown of how much xQc earns from Twitch subscriptions in 2023.

Felix "xQc" Lengyel is one of the most successful streamers on Twitch. In over a span of 7 years, his channel flourished and rapidly conquered the Amazon-owned platform. We are here to break down how much the Canadian streamer is making from Twitch.

xQc started his channel in 2015. The variety streamer found profound success in August 2021, growing his fanbase multifold from 500K to more than 3 million followers. From then on, he had rapid and consistent growth to become your go-to variety streamer in 2022. He is currently the most watched personality and second most subscribed creator on Twitch.


Back in 2021, an anonymous hacker leaked a large number of confidential data from Twitch including information on creator payouts. Twitch itself confirmed the leak to be valid. In the creator payout list, it was revealed that from August 2019 until October 2021, xQc earned $8.5 million USD, making him the 2nd highest-paid streamer on Twitch.

This number also doesn't include donations, sponsorship deals, YouTube revenue, and others outside of Twitch. So the total earning is definitely much higher than the number stated on the list.

How much does xQc make from Twitch subscriptions?

According to Streams Charts, xQc's earnings from Twitch subscriptions in the last 30 days (from 29 April - 28 May 2023) could be a minimum of $76,834 or a maximum of $106,513.

After Twitch introduced local subscription prices, it is tougher to get an accurate number on how much streamers are making on the platform. Prime subscriptions are not affected by local subscription prices. In the breakdown below, we will use average value for Tier 1 - Tier 2 subs.

Here is a breakdown of xQc's Twitch subscriptions in the last 30 days.

  • Prime (25,731) : $64,199
  • Tier 1 (16,116) : $12,006 - $40,209
  • Tier 2 (51) : $91 - $305
  • Tier 3 (103) : $537 - $1,799
  • Total (42,001): $76,834 - $106,513

*The prices of each subscription is $4.99 for Tier 1, $9.99 for Tier 2, and $24.99 for Tier 3. How the creator to Twitch cut is divided is 50/50 for Tier 1, 60/40 for Tier 2, and 70/30 for Tier 3.

How much did xQc earn from Twitch subscriptions in Q1 2023?

Here is what xQc earned (average income) from Twitch subscriptions in the first quarter of 2023.

  • January: $93,005
  • February: $92, 842
  • March: $101,365

You can find more detailed numbers regarding xQc's Twitch subscriptions here.

How much is xQc's total income?

In total, the estimated earnings that xQc earns monthly are between $226,434 to $303,113.

This number takes into account his Twitch subscription revenue and other sources of income including Twitch ads, donations, YouTube revenue, sponsorship, brand deals, and esports earnings.

Estimations from multiple sites including Streamer Facts calculated that xQc makes $30,600 USD monthly from Twitch advertisements alone. The streamer also accumulates a handful amount of donations from his loyal fanbase. His monthly earnings from donations are likely to be between $10,000 to $20,000.

xQc is very active on YouTube with more than 30 million views per month and a consistent daily upload. From his YouTube channel alone, he likely makes between $109,000 to $146,000.

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