With Episode 5 ending in a under a month, let’s go through the Valorant Battle Pass over the years and why it’s a good investment.

The Valorant Battle Pass has been around since the release of the game back in 2020. Five episodes have been released over the years, with each of these containing three acts.

Valorant Battle Pass screenshot. Image via Riot Games.
Valorant Battle Pass screenshot. Image via Riot Games.

What is the Valorant Battle Pass?

The Valorant Battle Pass is a cosmetic system that allows players to collect items by playing the game. With just 1,000 Valorant points, players can subscribe and slowly collect different cosmetic items.

Each Battle Pass act comes with two different tracks. These include the free track and the premium one. The free track has all five types of cosmetics alongside Radianite Points. These points refer to form of Valorant currency.

Completing the Battle Pass

At the start of each act, progression begins despite players not committing through playing games and fulfilling missions. Players may begin by collecting experience points through fulfilling missions and playing different game modes. On top of the free track items, players can earn additional cosmetics and Radianite Points.

As players rise in levels, there are different cosmetic items to unlock, including gun buddies, skins, player cards, titles, sprays, and even Radianite Points. These points allow players to upgrade their existing skins to different variants.

What is included in each act?

Three collections of weapon skins are released in each act. These can be unlocked by players. Out of the three, the Deluxe Edition is usually based on the current or newest released agent or map. Each Battle Pass act comes with new weapon skins, a knife skin for tier 50, player cards, gun buddies, and sprays.

All things considered, it's worth it despite there not being titles on the premium track and only the free track. For example, in Episode 5 Act 2, the deluxe set was in-theme with the newly-released agent known as Harbor.

Valorant items screenshot. Image via Riot Games.
Valorant items screenshot. Image via Riot Games.

Is the Valorant Battle Pass worth it?

If you don't want to commit to the Battle Pass, then you may slowly work towards it. However, if you do commit to the Battle Pass, then you will receive a 3% bonus to your Battle Pass experience. Committing to it after a period of time means the 3% bonus will apply to your future progression as well. To skip ahead, you may pay 300 Valorant Points per tier and automatically unlock each reward.

Free Valorant events

One year after the release of Valorant, Riot Games released its first additional Battle Pass. The inaugural free event release was in honor of the game's first anniversary.

Every few acts, different events get released for players to participate in, usually according to trends and ongoing events. This gives players a chance to progress and collect in-game items without having to pay for them. These usually consist of Radianite Points, player titles, gun buddies, sprays, or even player cards.

To celebrate the end of 2022, Riot Games recently released the final free event of the year.

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