Lotus is the new map arriving in Valorant with Episode 6. It comes with three sites and other mechanics to keep you on your toes.

Episode 6 launches on Jan. 10, bringing with it Lotus, the second Valorant map consisting of three sites, to the FPS. Riot Games takes turns releasing new Agents and maps in Valorant. The latest addition was Harbor, a Controller Agent with an affinity for water. That means the new map is coming up next.

Pearl was the last map added to Valorant in June 2022. Now casuals and pros alike will have a new playground to study lineups and learn new tech.

Everything you need to know before Lotus launches with Valorant Episode 6

(Image via Riot Games)
(Image via Riot Games)

There will be plenty of details regarding the map's design and the game's lore that players will figure out themselves as they venture through Lotus. Riot Games has indicated a few key features, however, that you can expect from the new Valorant map:

  • India is where Lotus is based
  • Dravidian architecture and traditional Indian stepwells are its inspirations
  • The map has three sites like Haven
  • There is a destructible door and wall on the map
  • Rotating doors play a major part in how your team will push or retreat
  • A silent drop allows you to drop down a level without making a sound
(Image via Riot Games)
(Image via Riot Games)

Not only does the three site gimmick receive another map, but newer mechanics are on the way. These will be vital when it comes to understanding the map and how to initiate site hits or set up defensive positions.

Quotes from Riot Games about the upcoming map

While Riot Games has detailed the map's inspirations and features, a few specific quotes from the Level Designer stand out. Joe Lansford touches on the goals that were set when designing Lotus:

"We wanted to make another 3 site map and show that this is more of a format we’ll keep using than just a single map. Additionally, we aimed to make a map with high flexibility and movement for both teams."

- Joe Lansford, Level Designer - Riot Games

When asked about any challenges he faced when designing the map, he answered with:

"When designing Lotus, I was originally envisioning a space station and had an airlock mechanic that shut down large areas of the map. Turned out to just not be that fun, so we scrapped the idea and moved in the direction we have today."

- Joe Lansford, Level Designer - Riot Games

It looks like Lotus could have been a very different map based on Lansford's original plan. Instead, a mystical Lost City style was brought forth. You can experience the newest Valorant map, Lotus, when it launches with Valorant Episode 6 on Jan. 10.

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