The cinematic trailer for Valorant Episode 6 is live, showing what you can expect from the new episode when it launches.

What most video games call Seasons and Chapters, Riot Games labels Acts and Episode. We have made it through five episodes of Valorant thus far, and are set to kick of Episode 6 shortly. A brand new cinematic launched to introduce Episode 6, titled REVELATION. The update for the new episode goes live on Jan. 10.

New Valorant cinematic reveals Episode 6 REVELATION

The official Valorant Twitter has been teasing the upcoming episode as the current one winds down. Artwork featuring the game's Agents and specific locations that are found in the cinematic were shared in the days leading up to the trailer.

It all comes together with a thrilling adventure that takes place in numerous parts of the world. We see the likes of Fade stealing intel, Raze and Killjoy having dinner, and Sage training against bots at the Valorant HQ.

The trailer then shows Astra and the game's latest Agent, Harbor, emerge from a body of water. A new location appears, which may very well be the rumored new map. Other Agents are already there, ending the trailer with guns drawn in a cliffhanger that teases conflict between the Radiants.

It is another shining example of the work Riot Games puts in to make Valorant appeal to all fan bases. Professional players can look forward to the competitive side of the game, while casual players can enjoy the lore built within each cinametic.

eaJ and Safari Riot collaborate on Valorant Episode 6 cinematic music

As the cinematic rolls on, you'll hear the song VISIONS. This was a collaborative effort by eaJ and Safari Riot. The original track saw vocals produced by the former and the beat, melody, and lyrics delivered by the latter.

VISIONS released on digital service providers, such as Spotify and Apple Music, simultaneously with its reveal in the Valorant Episode 6 trailer. Riot Games noted this in a press release prior to the cinematic going live that also included a few statements from eaJ.

VISIONS is the official song for the Valorant Episode 6 cinematic that heavily features a handful of Agents (Image via Riot Games)
VISIONS is the official song for the Valorant Episode 6 cinematic that heavily features a handful of Agents (Image via Riot Games)

The artist mentioned that Valorant is the first video game he took seriously in a competitive aspect. He studied the game, improved, and spent much of his time during the pandemic lockdown playing. He also notes that he sent out a tweet to Riot Games during the FPS' initial peak saying he would do a song for them for free. That offer has come to fruition with the REVELATION trailer.

You can jump right in to the new Valorant episode when it launches on Jan. 10. With it will come a new Battlepass with free and premium rewards, a new map, and a new skin line.

Stay tuned to to learn more about the upcoming Valorant episode and its contents.