Forecasted weather has forced Riot Games to keep live attendees from the final Shrine Auditorium day of VALORANT Champions 2023

Hurricane Hilary is moving towards Southern California. Forecasts expect it to downgrade to a tropical storm by the time it hits land, but it is predicted to still be a very impactful storm. Because of the weather, Riot Games has made the decision to close the Lower Round 2 action of VALORANT Champions 2023 off to the public.

Fans excluded from final day of VALORANT Champions 2023 at the Shrine Auditorium due to weather

Teams will be missing this energy during Lower Round 2 (Photo by Colin Young-Wolff/Riot Games)
Teams will be missing this energy during Lower Round 2 (Photo by Colin Young-Wolff/Riot Games)

Since VALORANT and its competitive circuit's inception, there have been a number of reasons for delays. The COVID-19 pandemic removed fans and pushed some matches back, and even technical issues have seen the postponement of a series.

This is the first time that weather has affected the VALORANT Champions Tour. Thankfully for spectators, it shouldn't change the schedule in terms of gameplay. You won't be able to watch the last day of the tournament at the Shrine Auditorium in person, though.

Here is Riot Games statement on the matter:

"Due to anticipated inclement weather in Los Angeles, we request all ticket holders to refrain from attending Champions Los Angeles as tomorrow's show at the Shrine will not facilitate a live audience. Ticket holders will be able to receive a refund via an AXS email that will be sent out tomorrow morning.

We anticipate tomorrow's matches to be broadcast as scheduled, ensuring that fans can continue to follow the event without additional risks from uncertain weather conditions."

The tournament has multiple dark days ahead before moving to the KIA Forum. Lower Round 2, the final round at the Shrine Auditorium, is still set for August 20. FNATIC will take on DRX and LOUD will face EDward Gaming.

The decision was probably an easy one to make. Even though the live audience has been a huge part of the Champions experience, putting fans in harm's way with a high chance of dangerous weather is not on Riot Games' agenda.

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